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Environment Sequence

Obstacles in your home and garden are repurposed for adventure. Work on balance, coordination, strength and endurance. The result is physical fitness, wellbeing and calm confidence.

Scentventure Stations are a great way to activate depth perception and spatial awareness centres in the brain, while the movement releases endorphins and gets your dog’s heart pumping.

Become a pro in the house over winter then take your skills out on adventures in Spring! Great for fun, focus and distraction from triggers!

  • Use things you already have around the home
  • Ensure they are the right size for your dog and stabilised 
  • Non-slip flooring or put a rug or mat beneath the obstacles

We’re going to build a simple three-station course: 

  1. Valley
  2. Scout
  3. Bear

Train them individually first and then, if you have space, put them together.