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Is your dog stressed and reactive or bored and distracted?

Essential training, advice & support for your stressed and reactive or bored and easily distracted dog so you can have that calm, relaxing life together that you pictured… and have waaay more fun!

If any of this seems familiar…

  • Your dog pulls, barks and lunges at other dogs or people. Walks are stressful as you’re always on the lookout.
  • You wanted to be able to take your dog everywhere but you avoid nice places as there are too many distractions.
  • You’re embarrassed, annoyed or frustrated by your dog’s behaviour – you don’t enjoy walks and dread having to go out again.
  • You get pulled down the street by your dog or they try to jump up at everyone – you’re stressed and tired and sick of other people’s judgement.
  • Your dog can’t settle in the house – they always want attention or bark at the slightest noise.
  • You wonder what you’re doing wrong; you feel upset and helpless, like you’ve let your dog down. You just want them to be happy and fulfilled.

… then you’re in the right place

Introducing Club Dogwood – the home of Scentventure!

Scentventure helps stressed and reactive and bored and distracted dogs achieve calm and focus through scentwork and adventure – so you can enjoy a stress-free life together.

The Club is packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of walking, training and living with your reactive or easily distracted dog. 

PLUS the community support and accountability you need to ensure you stay on track.

We’re a dog training community with a devoted membership site designed especially for the owners of reactive or easily distracted dogs, or those that are bored of the same old training and want to have more fun!

The Club will help you to...

Hi, I'm


I help reactive and distracted dogs achieve calm and focus through scentwork and adventure so you can enjoy a relaxing walks and a stress-free home life.

4 ways to learn

How it all began



Scentventure is my signature training programme I designed to help my own reactive and distracted rescue dog Lao. I’ve spent years helping dogs and their families, first at Dogs Trust and now at Dogwood Adventure Play. I’m a dog trainer and Scentventure Guide and with over a decade in the field, I have a proven track record of helping great clients achieve fantastic results.

In 2019 I decided to take that knowledge and experience and use it to help dog owners just like you to enjoy life with their dogs again… and so Club Dogwood came to life. I seriously love spending my days creating helpful content and supporting my members.

You can practice Scentventure at home, in your garden, at a Scentventure Park and on your everyday walks. By incorporating Scentventure into your lifestyle, your dog will be calmer and happier – meaning you will be too!

Book a free Discovery Call with me to tell me about the problems you’re facing right now.


The first time we met Lao was at the rehoming centre near Milan. I got a weird creeping disturbed feeling in my stomach when the kennel staff brought him out; he was skin and bone. I gently lifted his lips.

Stumps level with the gum line and a mouth full of broken teeth. All the way home he wouldn’t look at us. 

The next morning I came downstairs and found him curled up in the big old brick fireplace in the kitchen. My heart broke for him. Sheltered on five sides, it was the place he felt safest.

There he stayed for two weeks: shut down and living in a fireplace.

Back in the UK I bought a field for Lao. We sniffed, we climbed, we discovered, we jumped! I invented activities for body, mind and nose, made up names for them. Lao’s confidence grew as he realised what he was capable of and the world became a less scary place. We started doing it at home too, and out on our regular walks. I gave it a name: Scentventure.

Thanks to Scentventure our lives have been transformed. Lao is now happy to walk past dogs and meet new people and we enjoy off lead walks in the forest together. The twice-daily dread of the impending walk, the excuses and apologies, the after-hours walks and bizarre locations are a thing of the past.

Since Lao I've helped hundreds of stressed and reactive or bored and distracted dogs become Scentventure Superstars!

— Katie —

Compass Points

Scentventure is a complete lifestyle approach to dog training and behaviour. There are four steps in the programme – we call them the Four Compass Points of Scentventure.

Think of them as the essentials to help your dog stay fit, happy and healthy. Every walk, every activity you do together should contain at least one compass point. By incorporating the Compass Points into your walks and activities on a daily basis, you can be sure that you’re meeting your dog’s needs.

The result is a happier, calmer dog and a more relaxed you.


For trust, bond and relationship so your dog focuses on you instead of the many distractions out there.


For allowing dogs to be dogs, leaving them calmer and happier.


For a strong body and stronger sense of confidence. Make the environment where you walk with you!


Sniffing and searching for relaxation, calm and focus.


Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn how to take your dog


Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn how to take your dog


Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn how to take your dog


Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn how to take your dog

Our members

We call ourselves Scentventurers. We work through training and behaviour problems to improve our dogs’ lives and our own. We’ve been in newspapers and featured in podcasts, magazines and blogs. We’ve even sung sea shanties. Don’t worry, we won’t make you do that. It was a one-off. Promise.

‘I really love the Club Katie and all of the advice you have to offer. It has opened up a new world for me, Buddy and Rosie. We have a great community here, somewhere to come to lift our spirits and you’re so kind Katie, an inspiration to everyone, you always take the time to help anyone who needs it.'
Gina Owens
and Buddy & Rosie
'Sometimes I have to pinch myself at how far Alfie’s come. Without Club Dogwood and Katie I know for a fact none of this would even be possible. Whilst we’re coming to the end of the first month, it’s just the beginning!'
Justine Watts
and Bella & Alfie
'When Dogwood Adventure Play announced the launch of Club Dogwood I did not hesitate to sign up. After all, I pay for Netflix to keep myself entertained, so why not subscribe to something that keeps my dogs entertained!'
Heather Roberts
and Luna & Bambi

Is Club Dogwood for you?

Who it's for

Who it's not for

Still not sure?

Book a mini consult with Katie to find out how Club Dogwood can help you.


What skills do I need to start?

We have people of all different skill levels in the membership. The activities are useful for complete beginners or those who have been training a while.


Nope. As long as you remain a continuous member, the monthly cost will never increase.


You’re not. There’s no minimum term so you can cancel any time in a couple of clicks.



There’s a new community coming soon! Just like the private Facebook group it will provide a fully interactive experience. You’ll be able to log in from here.


Dogs of any age benefit from Scentventure, from puppies to elderly dogs and eveyone in between.


As well as instant access to the community plus all the online training and behaviour resources, you’ll get a  Welcome Pack containing goodies for your dog sent out in the post.

''I am so proud of Diesel this week. He has been so good on our walks, still excited to see other dogs but actually staying with me instead of pulling my arm out of its socket to try to get to the other dogs. I never ever thought he would change and it has been hard at times, but now I see the little changes in him it just shows that you should never give up, that every dog can learn and we can celebrate the little victories! Club Dogwood has made such a difference to us, we tried so much before but this just works! Thank you Katie and all you guys in Club Dogwood. I may not post a lot, but even just reading all the posts and seeing the great results is so helpful!’’

Kathrin & Diesel

''Huge progress from Bella today. I am absolutely over the moon so wanted to share. I don’t think we’ve ever had a walk with so much exploration and calmness before!! Today she took me on the grass and was sniffing around - she didn’t even notice the 3 different dogs walk down the path!! We then proceeded on our walk passing several more dogs (closer than is usually comfortable) and all we got was a pause as she looked, and then back on with exploring her surroundings! She’s been with me for almost 2.5 years and I’ve seen more progress in her behaviour/reactivity in the past 2 months of Club Dogwood than I have ever before so thank you Katie for everything you have done to make this happen and for helping to make our walks so enjoyable. We cannot wait for next month’s activities!''

Terri & Bella

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