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Your dog places two front feet on a station.

Stations: footstool, low folding step, stair step, hamper, box. 

How to train 

  1. Lure your dog up onto the obstacle with food. Use your marker word and reward them with the food from your hand.
  2. Once your dog is confidently and smoothly following the lure, remove the food and use just your hand for your dog to follow. Mark and reward. 
  3. Once your dog is confidently and smoothly following your hand without a lure, add a verbal cue just before you begin. Mark and reward. The verbal cue is ‘Bear’.

Great for focus on walks! If your dog is worried or aroused by something, asking them for a Bear allows them to slip into a familiar body position that they understand, can perform easily and know they will be rewarded for it.

There is just something about this particular position that dog seem to get so much confidence from!