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Ninja Move: 123

With limitations on when, where and for how long we walk due to the darker evenings and awful weather, navigating the streets safely can be a concern at this time of the year. These Partnership activities can be practiced from the comfort and warmth of your home first. The more you practice at home, the easier it will be when you take it out onto the streets – for both you and your dog! And let’s face it; we all need something to work on in the house at this time of year.

This one’s for when you need to move past a distraction.

Start stationary. 

  • Count ‘one, two, three’ out loud and give a treat on ‘three’.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • Once your dog starts looking at you on ‘one’, you’re ready to start walking. 

 Now add steps

  • Take 3 steps, counting out loud as you go. On the third step, give your dog a treat. 
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. 

 What’s great is that ‘one’ becomes a predictor of ‘two’ becomes a predictor of ‘three’. Your dog will start anticipating the third step and focus on you from the moment you start counting.