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Reach Out

  • Build confidence in human hands
  • Can be used as a recall cue
  • Manoeuvre your dog without touching them, e.g. onto the scales or around the examination table at the vets
  • Help with positioning e.g. asking them to move to your left or right side when walking or training


  • With your dog in front of you, place a piece of food between your fingers
  • Present your hand approx 6 inches away from your dog’s nose. Keep the hand still; do not move it towards your dog, we’re not booping their nose!
  • When your dog moves towards the food and you feel their nose on your hand, mark (‘good/yes’) and reward with a treat.
  • Once your dog is confidently and smoothly putting their nose on your hand with the food there, remove the lure. Present your hand as before and when your dog makes nose contact, mark and reward.
  • Once your dog is confidently touching your hand with their nose each time your hand is presented, add a verbal cue as you present your hand. The verbal cue is ‘touch’.

00K9 Level

Make it into a game! Present your hand then move a few steps away from your dog so they have to follow your hand. Do it in a fast walk, do it in a run! Great foundations for a hand touch recall!