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Mission Control

Allowing our dogs to make their own choices is essential for their wellbeing.

When we allow our dogs to make choices we learn so much from them. What do they like? What do they avoid? At what pace do they take life? We can use that knowledge to make them happier and more comfortable in every area of their lives. Providing choice is a great way to get to know our dogs better!

Not only does Mission Control give your dog choice of what to eat, they have the following benefits too:

•   Dogs are social eaters. They like to be in the presence of familiar others when they eat. Unless your dog has insecurity around food, stay with them while they eat.

•   Include a natural chew. Chewing is an essential every day activity.

•   Provide a nutritionally balanced Variety Board with dog-safe foods from all the food groups  

•   Make a herb version of the Variety Board and include mint, chamomile. See www.dogwoodadventureplay.com/enrichment for other ideas.

•   Variety: especially variety of protein, tastes and textures. Studies of free-ranging Indian street dogs found that they thrived on a varied diet.


•   Find something to use as a serving platter. Muffin trays, plates or chopping boards work well.

•   Select a variety of dog-safe foods that you know your dog’s stomach can cope with and they’re not allergic to. For variety think about texture, taste, consistency and smell.

•   Allow your dog to choose what to eat at their own pace

•   Make a note of their choices – what they ate first, what they ate last, what they left behind.

I love watching what they choose first and what’s left until last. It’s usually some sad looking veg that’s left behind!