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Stress Head

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When you understand canine stress, everything just falls into place and your dog’s behaviour suddenly makes sense. 

Unless you know how to keep your dog calm, training strategies are like sticking a plaster on an open wound; they’ll only patch up the problem as opposed to treating the root cause. That’s why we start with stress reduction, before tackling the big training strategies later.

Most of the common problems we see; the unpleasant situations, the embarrassing meltdowns, can be very easily avoided with the right knowledge about stress.

Spending a little bit of time now to get to know how stress affects your dog’s behaviour means you can:

  • Recognise the early warning signs that something’s not right.
  • Get your dog out of a situation before it escalates
  • Make progress with your goal instead of going backwards
  • Avoid meltdowns and keep your dog relaxed and calm in every situation 

You will gain a deep understanding of how your dog works so you can prevent stressful behaviour. Knowledge is power! The more you know, the more confident you become. With so much to gain from tackling stress, let’s get started!

Action points:

  • Read/listen to all the lessons in this module and ask us if you have any question about how to apply it to your dog.
  • Complete this worksheet and share it in the Facebook group or website community to get feedback from a Scentventure Guide.

Work through it in your own time and ask for help any time – that’s what we’re here for.