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A final word before you set off…

Keep focused on the summit.  

There are no straight lines in nature. As a winding river must follow the contours of the landscape on its way to the ocean, you must navigate the undulations of the environment on the way to your Everest. 

Nothing in nature is symmetrical and no two Scentventurer’s journeys will be the same. 

Along the way you’ll meet Scentventure Guides who will make your climb easier.

The support of the community will keep you from being swept off the mountain.

You and your dog are on a journey that owners of ‘well-behaved’ dogs would never understand.

You have stared up at the mountain from the bottom. You are choosing to climb it. That takes courage and resolve. I admire you.

Your dog is not ‘out of control’; you have taken control.

You are holding the compass and navigating a new path. You have the top of the mountain in your sights.

You’re a Scentventurer now.

You start at Base Camp but you are looking at the stars.

Your dog’s behaviour is not a reflection on you. The only people whose opinions of you matter are your family, close friends and people who you respect. 

There will be setbacks. You will trip down holes, you will be frightened by wolves. There will be fallen trees blocking your path. But do you know what we do in Scenvtenture? We climb over them – or crawl under!

While our dogs may never be perfectly behaved little robots (hurrah!) they are making improvements. Sometimes big, sometimes small.

You make your dog’s life the best you can, but you know it’s not always easy.

We have mountains to climb, but we are climbing together.

Let the Scentventure begin!