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Episode 1

I’m cutting right to the chase in the first episode because I see so many people making this mistake.

And that is not understanding canine stress.

Listen to the coaching to find out why stress matters for reactive and distracted dogs and what you can do about it so you can stop floundering and start winning on walks.

To your wins!

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Episode 2

In the last episode I told you the single biggest mistake I see people make is not understanding canine stress.

In this week’s coaching I share something you might be doing at home, in your garden or out on walks that’s adding to your reactive or distracted dog’s stress levels and preventing you from having those calm, relaxing walks you both deserve. 

To your winning walks!

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Episode 3

We all know the saying ‘practice makes perfect’. Well, bad news! The more your dog pulls, barks and lunges, the worse it’s going to get. They practice it so much that they become ‘perfect’ at it. Listen up to find out what you can do to stop it getting worse.

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Episode 4

In this episode I share a practical strategy for avoiding meltdowns on walks – and it’s only 6 minutes long, so you can move forward fast.

So far we’ve been talking about why stress matters for reactive and distracted dogs. There is a lot more coaching I could give you on this, because I think it’s so important that we understand our dogs – but I’m also eager to share some practical strategies with you as well.

Let’s jump in!

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