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Let’s Go! (Multi Dog)

The difference here is that one of your dogs will pivot in on themselves more tightly, rather than flowing around the outside of your body. 

Once you’ve completed the previous method with your individual dogs, you can work with two. 

  1. Choose one of your dogs to start with and do exactly the same as in the previous method but hold your lead on the side the dog is on, e.g. left. 
  2. When you add your turn, make the pivot as wide as possible. This will really help when we eventually bring in the second dog!
  3. Once the first dog is able to turn widely, pop them away and bring out the second dog. This dog will be on the opposite side e.g. right. This second dog is going turn in on themselves rather than pivot around your body. Cue ‘lets go’ then pivot on that right foot in a clockwise direction. Mark and reward straightaway. Once they get the idea, delay the mark and reward until you’ve taken a few steps.
  4. Once both dogs are moving fluidly individually, it’s time to practice together. This step could take a while to get right, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen for you straightaway. 
  5. Practice in both directions, with both dogs.