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Introduction (Environment)

The Environment Compass Point is all about adventure and overcoming obstacles to improve physical strength – but the real beauty is that is improves confidence!

Adventure make us feel good about ourselves. If the things around us have positive associations, the world suddenly seems a less scary place.

Obstacles in your home, garden or walks are repurposed for adventure. Work on climbing, balance, coordination, strength and endurance. The result is calm confidence and a feeling of safety. 


  • Gives dogs something else to do: rather than scanning the environment alert for triggers, ask your dog to engage with the environment.
  • Planning walks as Environment expeditions gives you more of an objective, a plan. 
  • Something fun and constructive. 
  • Great for boosting Partnership too because your dog will come to realise that no matter where you are, it is always fun to be close to you!

Safety first

Your success depends on how well you work as a team. This means you and your dog must learn to rely on each other and take advantage of every opportunity for your team to learn and grow. We are asking our dogs to tackle obstacles they have no experience with. Take challenges at your own dog’s pace and adapt them in any way if you need to. 

Knowing your dog’s capabilities and being mindful of what you ask of them is paramount. Your dog might be able to jump two meters off the ground, but is there a good reason for asking them to do that? Chances are, it’s to make ourselves happy, not them. 

Never ask your dog to engage with any obstacle that is high, slippery or otherwise dangerous. Be there at the ready to help your teammate out if they need help remaining steady, or some support while they work out their footing. Harnesses are recommended. 

Scentventure success does not depend on speed; we value precision, confidence and safety. Walking pace is perfectly acceptable and obstacles should not be approached at great speed. Remember, the trail is sometimes steep and narrow with cliff edge drops; you could lose your footing and fall. 

Always warm your dog up sufficiently at the start of each training session by practicing low/easy versions of the challenges.