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Exploration Snuffle Box

This is a great little Exploration activity to whip out if you’re short on time. Great for Zoom meetings or when visitors arrive, or any time your dog would enjoy a little sensory enrichment! 

What can we include in our Snuffle Box?

Here are just a few ideas!

Shop-bought feeders

Pre-load any of your dog’s favourite feeders and pop them in your Snuffle Box

  • Zogoflex Toppl
  • JW Ho-lee  Roller 
  • Clam feeders  
  • Kong


  • Fifi loves to rip paper to discover treats inside. If your dog isn’t confident about ripping, you’ll need to help them out by opening the parcel for them once they’ve located it. 
  • Envelopes (new or used) also work perfectly.
  • Toilet roll middles, cereal boxes, etc 


  • Dog treats
  • Anything that is safe for your dog to eat. If in doubt, ask a Scentventure Guide


  • Rather than allowing your dog constant access to their favourite toy, keep it in a cupboard and save it just for the Snuffle Box.  

The photos below demonstrate an Easter Snuffle Basket theme, but of course you can do this at any time of the year.

Baskets, boxes or sacks can be used to hold the items.

Cardboard boxes or paper items can be included.

A variety of foods

A toy or two

Something to rip – if your dog enjoys that sort of thing, not all do.

Dog-safe foods

Snuffle material e.g. craft straw or hay

Anything soft and safe really!

Any slow feeders your dog is already confident using