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Day 7

How smelly is your laundry?

On our final day we’re taking a look at perhaps the most important activity of the whole challenge – and most often overlooked! HAVING FUN! 

In my experience the families of dogs with behavioural issues get so bogged down with their dog’s problems. (Don’t worry – that was me too!)

Yet fun is key to fixing the relationship, which in turn makes your dog more focused on you and ignores the many distractions out there.


So today we have a supercharged enrichment activity in store for you that will ignite your dog’s sense of curiosity and leave them happy and fulfilled.

If you have a high-energy dog you can even do it before you go out on a walk to take the edge off that excitement. It’s great for reactive dogs too as it leaves them nice and relaxed.

It’s also the perfect rainy day activity.

Where next?

If you’ve taken part in each activity and posted photos and videos with the hashtag #7days22, CONGRATULATIONS – you’ve earned the Special Limited Edition badge! You can order it here.

If you still have a way to go, don’t worry – there’s no deadline for Club Dogwood members.

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