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Day 1

Are you a good, bad, or UGLY dog walker? 

It’s officially Day 1 of Seven Days of Scentventure and we’re excited!

I’m cutting right to the chase. Because before we go any further I want to address the number one problem I see people with reactive or distracted dogs making. 

And that is not understanding canine stress.

If you have a dog who is jumping up at people, pulling on the lead, barking or lunging, you’re probably looking for a solution for your dog’s training or behavioural issues.

I have BAD NEWS.

  • Recall training alone won’t fix the embarrassing recall.
  • Loose lead walking exercises won’t fix the painful pulling on the lead.
  • Socialising your dog won’t stop their stressful barking and lunging.

I tried all that. It didn’t work.

Let me tell you why.

Trying to train a stressed, overexcited, highly aroused dog will not be effective because a stressed brain can’t learn new things efficiently. 

It will feel like Groundhog Day. 

In today’s challenge we’re guiding you through how to help your dog de-stress so they can learn positive, productive behaviours instead of pulling, barking, jumping up or lunging.

Happy Scentventuring!

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