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Day 2

Ready? Set? Recall!

Welcome to Day 2 of Seven Days of Scentventure!

Every dog, no matter what size, shape, age or temperament needs to come back when called. It’s a matter of safety for your dog and peace of mind for you. Sadly, this is something many owners struggle with. Whether your dog is reactive or distracted, if they don’t have a reliable recall, it’s a problem. 

What if you had something you could do to get your dog’s attention back on you and away from whatever it is that’s distracted them, whether it’s another dog, a person, a scent?

That’s what we’re covering today.

I recently used this when Fifi started heading towards ‘The Bush’.

The infamous bush. Whenever she goes in there, it never ends well. Once she came out covered in fox poo, another time she came out crunching on a huge bone and another time she came out with a scratch down her side.

Silly me for going in that direction with her off lead again (you’d think I’d learn!).

So when I saw her heading in this direction again, I used ABC. And she turned on her heels and came to me.

Smelly, dangerous scenario avoided. Phew.

How would it impact your walks if you could get your dog to come back to you every single time, regardless of the distraction? 

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