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Day 5

Tiring in a good way

Here we are, a new day and a new Scentventure!

Today’s challenge is a firm favourite with Club Dogwood members – it’s great for focus and relaxation!

Sniffing, searching and finding is naturally highly rewarding for dogs. Nervous dogs increase in confidence, and anxious or overly excited dogs become calm and focused. Dogs who are normally highly distracted by the environment learn to search with no loss of focus. Plus – it’s just plain fun and dogs love it! 

Do it at home before you go for a walk so that your dog is relaxed when leaving the house.

Once your dog knows the game, play it on walks too using logs, trees or benches – it’s a fantastic way to build calm focus.

It’s tiring for dogs too – in a good way! It means you don’t have to traipse out on hour-long walks or throw a ball repeatedly just to try to tire your dog out. It helps with pulling on the lead issues and unsettled behaviour in the home. Dogs often fall into a deep state of relaxation afterwards

We’re absolutely loving seeing Riggs so much more confident with his nose!

-Club Dogwood members Rachel and Riggs

Until tomorrow – happy sniffing!

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