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Pre-challenge Prep

Exercise 1

A little bit of pre-challenge prep for you! This gets us thinking carefully about our dogs’ preferences – and ensures you have everything you need for training your dog!

What are your dog’s top 5 favourite rewards? Make a list!

But let’s get as specific as possible! Instead of ‘cheese’ is it Cheddar, Red Leicester, Primula or Edam? Is it cocktail sausages, hot dog or w├╝rstel? And if toys are your dog’s thing, which ones specifically?

Order them high to low, so for example, Lao’s Top 5 would be:

  1. Rabbit tug
  2. Primula cheese
  3. Kong on a rope
  4. Fresh liver
  5. Clam feeder

Exercise 2

When I was working on Lao’s recall issues I made a list of places where I would practice.

I started with the least distracting environments and worked up to the more challenging places. This ensured my training was effective and I didn’t move too quickly.

This was my list:

  1. Home
  2. Dogwood (secure Scentventure Park)
  3. Ugly Walk (industrial estate)
  4. South Park
  5. Honeypot woods

What will your 5 training environments be? Which quiet places will you start your training in so that you set up your dog for success? Make a list.

Exercise 3

Read the worksheets in the download section to help get you off to the best possible start with your training!