5 Point Treatment Plan

Ahead of the brand new CounterAction course in July and the Adventure Quest challenge starting next week, I thought it might be helpful to share again how the pieces all fit together, for the sake of our newer members or anyone in need of a refresher.

I will make a prettier version eventually, I just know if you’re anything like me you might find it helpful to see it broken down with some visuals 👀


The Adventure Quest is in #2, Skill Up. I tend to use Skill Up for our free public challenges as people who are new to Scentventure can get instant relief from them, and they can continue using them after the challenges end. I also use the same skills over and over to keep the others just for you! This doesn’t mean you won’t still benefit from practicing the classics again along with the public. They can only get better, and there is always a new level you can take them to – a new environment, a different distraction, etc.

You can register for the challenge here.

CounterAction is in #3, Refine & Optimise. Once we have made progress with decoding our dogs to find out what’s driving their behaviour (#1), and mastering the foundational skills together (#2), it’s time to directly address the problem behaviour. CounterAction will do that by showing you how to change the way your dog feels about a trigger, in order to change how they behave around it.

You don’t need to register for this, it’s all included in your membership. We will brief you as usual. 

Can you work on #2 Skill Up and #3 Refine & Optimise together?

Absolutely! This isn’t a process of steps, but rather a continuum! The Adventure Quest is perfect timing to brush up on #2 Skill Up before CounterAction comes around!

If you have any questions, anything that’s unclear, or questions about how this applies to your own dog, I’d be delighted to answer 🧡

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