Sausage Logs

Sausage Logs

Scentventure Compass Point: Scent

In this exercise dogs sniff out and discover treats on logs, fences, trees, benches, rocks, or any other safe feature in the environment.

Sausage Logs distract your dog from triggers and also helps them to relax after they’ve encountered something that caused them to react or get distracted. It helps them calm down and shifts their attention away from the trigger and onto sometime more productive.

Dogs that pull on the lead – Sausage Logs give you a break from pulling and develops interaction with your dog so it’s not just you on one end of the lead and them on the other completely ignoring you.

Work together, build Partnership so your dog chooses to stay close to you.



      1. Prepare some small treats before you leave the house. Squishable food such as cheese or pate works well

      1. Squish a treat into a log, fence, tree, or whatever station is available.

      1. Ensure you don’t go too high to start with.

      1. Release your dog with a search cue e.g. ‘Find it’.

      1. Help them find the treats if they need it


    Here’s what to do now:

    1. Watch the video and film yourself having a go with your own dog.
    2. Share your videos in the community with the hashtags.
    3. Set your alarm for today’s Masterclass!

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