Unearth the magic of beachcombing, an addictive yet peaceful pursuit that unveils nature’s hidden gems. Explore the shoreline and uncover a diverse range of treasures, each beach boasting its distinctive assortment shaped by currents, weather, geography, and offshore habitats. 

The beach offers a sensory wonderland for dogs. The scent of the salty ocean breeze, the sensation of cool water lapping at their paws, and the array of intriguing smells that drift by create an adventure for their curious nose. Your dog’s keen sense of smell might even lead you to fascinating surprises hidden among the debris. 

Research suggests that ‘diverse experiences’ are important for reducing the possibility of non-social fear developing in dogs, but visiting novel environments with dogs who already have behavioural issues can risk overwhelming them and making the behaviour worse. As not all dogs enjoy going to the beach and it may be best that they don’t go with you, here’s an activity to enjoy together at Dogwood’s beach.

What to look for on Dogwood’s beaches:

  1. Driftwood
  2. Fossils 
  3. Sea creatures
  4. Mesmerising pebbles
  5. Sea glass 
  6. Animal footprints
  7. Seaweed

Capture your finds in photographs, and share them on social media with the hashtag #ScentventureSummer

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