The Railway Children

The Railway Children is a timeless classic that follows the journey of three siblings as they discover the power of resilience, friendship, and the enchanting world of trains. There is a certain nostalgic allure surrounding trains and the captivating journeys they offer, an undeniable magic that takes hold as one steps aboard, transcending ordinary travel and transforming it into an extraordinary experience. Speaking of which…

‘’Once upon a time, in a bustling city, there was a playful and curious dog named Buddy. 

One sunny day, his heart filled with the spirit of Scentventure, Buddy came across a magnificent train station. Thanks to the Environment Compass Point he’d been working on, Buddy loved novel experiences and, tail wagging, he confidently approached one of the trains, and he jumped (1) right on in! 

He scampered through the bustling vestibules (2), sniffing the air filled with intriguing scents. With each passing cabin, his excitement grew. Buddy peeked into each open doorway (3), his eyes wide with wonder. 

Where would he sit on this crowded train? He would have to sniff (4) one out. In one compartment, he spotted a group of friends sharing stories and a picnic, their smiles infectious. In another, a kind old man offered a gentle pat on his head. The soft strumming of a guitar filled the air, accompanied by a melodic voice singing a heartfelt tune. Buddy stood, captivated by the music, his ears perked up, absorbing every note. In the next compartment, an artist was engrossed in creating a vibrant painting. The colours danced on the canvas, and Buddy tilted his head, trying to decipher the masterpiece in progress. 

Finally, Buddy found an empty seat by the window. He clambered up, his tail still wagging happily and pulled himself up on his front paws (5). Through the window, he watched the world zoom past, trees turning into colourful blurs and buildings shrinking in the distance.

Buddy felt like a true explorer, journeying to unknown lands with fellow adventurers.’’

Adventure Key: 

  1. Rabbit 
  2. Commando 
  3. Valley
  4. Cache
  5. Bear

Here’s Scentventure Superstars Louise & Callie showing you how you can do it in your garden. It’s a great way to tire your dog out at home! And of course, we have all the obstacles set out for you at Dogwood!

And if your dog likes that, try the Spacestars obstacle course!

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