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Kit List

If you are doing this course in-person you will be provided with everything you need. If you are working remotely or would like to add to your kit, here’s a brief list of equipment. It’s by no-means comprehensive but may save you money.

Double bowls

These are the first pieces of equipment you will use in Phase 1 of your scent journey. You need two as they stack on top of one another. Search eBay or Amazon for something along the lines of ‘Plastic Flower Plant Pot Saucers Water Tray Base’. Approx 20cm diameter. You will need to make holes in ONE of these saucers, covering approx 1/4 of the surface. 

Sample pots

Sample pots, unfortunately you will have to drill or ‘stamp/punch’ holes in the lids for the scent to come out. Search eBay of Amazon for ‘Medical specimen container sample pot’

Choice game pots

For the choice game you can use the same pots as above but this narrower style may fit in your hands better. Again, you’ll need to make holes in the lid. Search eBay or Amazon for ’50ml centrifuge tube with screw top’.

Hole punch

A heavy duty leather hole punch is the easiest way to make holes in the lid

Tins and magnets

10ml tins with a sliding lid

Magnets to attach the tin to surfaces

Scent pipes / boxes

You don’t need a whole ‘scent-studio’ so don’t rush into getting everything immediately! However, you may need a box or pipes to put your scent container into in Phase 4. 

Scent boxes are small plywood boxes that have a hole in the top, or even a cardboard shoe box covered in tape, or plastic just to fend off the slobber!

The target scent

Which scent to use? You have a lot of options! Tea bags come in many scents and they are cheep and easy to get. For those of you who wish to compete in the UK its either Napier Gun Oil (must be Napier brand), Cloves (from the supermarket) and English Truffle oil. But for this course pleas stick to one scent. In the USA its Birch, Anise and Clove (oils).

Other options:

Marzipan is another good one (easy to mould, easy to cut, looks like explosive!)

Tennis ball or Kong (a tennis ball is easier to cut up, and even pick the fluff off for the smallest scent picture)

If you would like to continue your practice at home you will need to keep your scent fresh. Please find links below if you would like to purchase your own scent. 

Cotton wool

You will need both Q-tips (ideally non-plastic to help the environment) and round make-up cotton wool pads. We call these ‘soaks’. 


Powder-free disposable gloves to use when preparing scent


Plastic or steel for handling your soaks


You will need a small clean glass jar to store your soaks, as well as a larger one for your tweezers, etc.


To identify hot containers and decoys