The Land Before Time

Inspired by the magic of “The Land Before Time”, unleash your dog’s inner explorer and let the excitement of the hunt begin in this treat search game. Scent games stimulate dogs’ natural instincts, encouraging mental and physical exercise while honing their scenting abilities. As they uncover hidden treats, dogs experience a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. 

DinoScents: The Dinosaur Treat Search

A supercharged scent activity that will ignite your dog’s sense of curiosity and leave them happy and fulfilled.

If you have a high-energy dog you can even do it at home before you go out on a walk to take the edge off that excitement. It’s also the perfect rainy day activity.

You need:

  • Small tasty treats


  1. With your dog in front of you watching, place the treat just out of sight. Use a search cue (e.g. ‘Find t!’) to release them.
  2. Once your dog is easily finding it, place the scent down in one position but pretend to put it somewhere else. This is called a ‘dummy drop’ and gets your dog using their nose instead of their eyes. Release your dog with your search cue.
  3. Now throw a couple of treats away onto the grass to keep your dog busy so that you can hide the treat without them watching. Make it easy at first to ensure they succeed.
  4. Start to hide the treat in increasingly hard to find places. This makes your dog’s mind, body and nose work harder, increasing their search stamina and leaving them tired and relaxed.

Have fun, Scentventursaurus! 

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