Day 4


Scentventure Compass Point: Partnership

Just when you think all is well, and you’re just walking along minding your own business, Growlfang sends his Trickster Hounds to throw a distraction at you out of nowhere! Rabbit scent, other dogs, chip wrappers… why even a leaf blowing in the wind is a distraction for some dogs and causes them to pull on the lead or ignore your cues.

As you encounter the tantalising scents and tempting sights orchestrated by the Tricksters, you’ll need to employ techniques to redirect your dog’s focus back to you.

This one’s designed for when you need to move past a distraction! Together, you and your dog demonstrate the power of teamwork and determination, proving that no distraction, no matter how enticing, can deter you from your path.


Start stationary:

  1. Count ‘one, two, three’ out loud and give a treat on ‘three’.
  2. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
  3. Once your dog starts looking at you on ‘one’, you’re ready to start walking.

Now add steps:

  1. Take 3 steps, counting out loud as you go. On the third step, give your dog a treat.
  2. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

What’s great is that ‘one’ becomes a predictor of ‘two’ becomes a predictor of ‘three’. Your dog will start anticipating the third step and focus on you from the moment you start counting.

This skill is Partnership at its best! It’s from Scentventure’s popular Lead Walking Ninja course – and its brilliance is in its simplicity.

What to do next

  • Have a go with your own dog and film it if you can
  • Share your answers in the private Facebook Group with the hashtags #day4 #AdventureQuest
  • If you don’t use Facebook, send your training via email. Please note that we can’t reply to emails but we will log your evidence towards your badge.

‘’I can honestly say that I never expected the results that we have had to date. Not only has Rolo’s reactivity outside dramatically reduced but some of the ‘weird’ traits he displayed at home haven’t been seen for a while too.

Love the way this is a whole life approach for your dog that reaps the unexpected rewards too.”

-ANTHEA & ROLO, Scentventure members for 6 weeks

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