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Time Warp Tunnel

Solving puzzles develops the ‘thinking, logical’ part of your dog’s brain. This is the part of the brain responsible for making good decisions, instead of reacting instinctively. The better developed the thinking part of the brain is, the better your dog will become at thinking before they react – opposed to reacting to a trigger emotionally and instinctively, e.g. by barking or lunging.


  • A small piece of fabric e.g. blanket, scarf or tea towel (something you don’t mind getting slobbery or ripped!)
  • Toilet or kitchen roll tubes
  • Small treats


1. Thread the fabric through the tubes

2. Push treats into the tubes and fabric folds

3. Let your dog snuffle the treats out


If your dog is confident ripping the tubes and pulling out the fabric, increase the challenge:

  • Lay the fabric flat first and place the treats on top. Then roll the fabric up before threading it through the tubes.
  • Add extra tubes so more of the fabric is covered