Club Dogwood

Essential training, advice & support for your stressed and reactive or bored and easily distracted dog so you can have that calm, relaxing life together that you pictured… and have way more fun!

Join today to get immediate access to:

  • Progress and accountability – Not ‘just another’ online training programme: REAL dog trainers giving you PERSONALISED advice about YOUR dog’s behaviour. Unlimited feedback on your own videos so you can progress with the help of our friendly, knowledgeable and generous Scentventure Guides.
  • Exclusive online learning platform – Simple and clear lessons that break down each exercise so you can easily follow along at home – even if you’re new to dog training. On our website and on the app!
  • Course library – An entire library of training and behaviour strategies at your fingertips so you can make progress fast!
  • Friendly and supportive community – Community is one of the best parts of everything we do at Dogwood! Come on in and meet your new support network.
  • Live training and social events – Deep dives into training and behaviour topics to help you enjoy stress free walks and a relaxing life together. Expert guests coaching you on how they achieve success in their specialism. Plus the socials are so much fun!
  • Scentventure Awards – Collect enamel pin badges to mark your achievements.
  • ‘Ridiculous’ price. No minimum term – cancel any time!

”You are all amazing! I’ve been meaning to say that the price you charge versus the content and on tap advice is ridiculous when you compare it to the cost of a 1-2-1 session! Keep spreading the doggy love!” – Club member Sarah