Summer Award

Sunshine Scentventures

Welcome back! This August, we’re going on an adventure!

the BRAND NEW Summer Award is here!

We were feeling a little nostalgic for summers gone by when we were planning the Sunshine Scentventures theme, and so we cast our minds back to those long childhood summers when school was out and we played games, went on adventures and transported ourselves to distant realms in the pages of a book.

From serious dog training techniques to make your summer outings safer, easier and more enjoyable, to enrichment, crafts and recipes, there’s something for every summer mood. 

“Classic twists on all the childhood classics. reimagined so your dog can take part too!”

You'll have

Dog training challenges, behaviour advice, a treasure hunt packed full of summer activities, live events, mental & physical health boosts, plus plenty of practical tips and advice on how to have relaxing and enjoyable summer walks with your dog. 

  • Practical dog training skills for stress free walks
  • Human wellbeing activities to de-stress, boost relaxation, confidence and resilience 
  • Easy-to-follow video lessons that break down the techniques
  • Get advice from dog trainers and behaviourists 7 days per week

Over 30 activities!

Including the iconic Scentventure Scavenge – the summer edition!


Have something positive and constructive to work towards on your everyday dog walks as you earn your Scentventure Award! Improve your mental and physical health by spending quality time outside and enjoy this inspiring season with like minded dog owners in a friendly and supportive community!

Dog training

From loose lead walking and recall techniques to focus skills and emergency stops, there are plenty of immersive Sunshine Scentventure strategies to help your nervous, reactive, and high energy dogs calm down, relax and listen to you - while having a lot more fun!

Starting 31st July

Get your special limited edition challenge pack in the post!

As well as all the usual Club Dogwood benefits including:

Private 1-1 Strategy Session with a trainer, personalised advice and feedback from a team of dog  trainers and behaviourists, live masterclasses and monthly expert guests, PLUS the community for support and accountability, Welcome Pack in the post and special limited edition monthly packs delivered to your door.

Oh, and you can earn the special limited edition Summer Award!

Hubba hubba! Ain’t she a beauty 😍

This badge is from the Four Seasons of Scentventure Awards, but you don’t need to have done the others, each season stands alone.

There is no minimum membership term which means you can take part in the Summer Award then cancel any time!

''It’s fair to say we wouldn’t be where we are with Jax without everyone at Dogwood/Scentventure’s help. You’ve all given us the practical tools and support we really needed. He’s turning into such a calm, happy, balanced dog - I trust him and he trusts me! Working on the badge together at the minute is such a joy too. So thank you, the Scentventure Guides, everyone even remotely involved in Club Dogwood. We needed you and I’m glad we found you.''
Christie & Jax