Snuffle-mat-a-thon 2023!

It's BACK!

⭐ In 2019 Katie from Dogwood and Helen from Cleveland Dogs hosted the world’s first ever Snuffle-mat-a-thon! Our supporters made 29 snuffle mats. Not bad at all!

⭐ Then in 2020 we were back! We made a whopping 51 snufflemats, 61 tug toys and £125, all of which were donated and gratefully received by our local rescue centres. 

⭐ In 2021 we SMASHED our record with 151 mats, snuffle balls and tug toys – tickets raised £350. We shared the spoils between national rescue centres and food banks. 

⭐ Last year we made 102 Snuffle Mats, 32 Snuffle Sausages, 30 Tug toys, 10 Snuffle Balls for rescue dogs and food bank users AND raised £1011 for rescues!

🤩 Now here we are in 2023 with the world’s FIFTH Snuffle-mat-a-ton, and can we beat last years’ record?

SURE WE CAN! But we need your help. 

Our Rescue dogs really need us more than ever with all of the uncertainty in our world, and the snuffle mats we make and donate will provide them with enrichment whilst they await their new homes. And with more families than ever relying on food banks this year, let’s try to get a present to ALL dogs on Christmas morning.

We’re inviting you to our action-packed charity event. There’ll be crafting, entertainment and merriment a-plenty. 

The details:

  • Wednesday 6th December, 6.30-8.30pm
  • Snuffle crafting demonstration 
  • Entertainment from Helen, live from Sri Lanka while we make our snuffle mats
  • We’ll send you the list of all the supplies you need for the evening, plus crafting instructions

We know times are tight, so we have a Pay What You Can policy. We hope that helps. 

See you then?

Click the orange button to be taken to Helen’s fundraiser page for WECare Sri Lanka to Pay What You Can to attend the event.

Oh but wait!

If you’ve attended our Snufflematathon events in the past, you’ll know that every year we demonstrate how to make a BRAND NEW snuffle creation! 

Stay tuned for the 2023 design!

Gift it to your dog this Christmas, or donate to a rescue.

We can’t wait! You will be sent the materials list in due course.