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For trust, bond and relationship so your dog focuses on you instead of the many distractions out there.


For allowing dogs to be dogs, leaving them calmer and happier.


For a strong body and stronger sense of confidence. Make the environment where you walk with you!


Sniffing and searching for relaxation, calm and focus.


Unleash Your Potential as a Certified Scentventure Guide Specialist (and never have to worry about competition again!)

Are you a passionate dog trainer longing for a breakthrough in your career? Do you find yourself struggling to attract clients and feeling overwhelmed by the fierce competition in your local area?

Break free from the ordinary and offer an exciting new service that will set you apart from the crowd. Welcome to our groundbreaking 12-month Scentventure Guide Specialist Program!

A Solution to Client Scarcity

Tired of waiting for clients to come to you? Learn the skills and expertise to become a sought-after specialist in scentwork and life skills training. Stand out from the competition and attract a steady stream of clients eager to experience the unique and transformative approach you’ll bring.

Rise Above the Competition

Stop offering the same old services as everyone else in your area. Differentiate yourself with the exciting and rapidly growing fields of scentwork and life skills training. Be the go-to expert in your community, offering an innovative and in-demand service that leaves the competition in the dust.

Rediscover your Passion

Pet professionals are some of the most passionate people on the planet but we find that running a business doesn’t always come as naturally as helping dogs, and before long you find your passion slips away. Having an exciting new specialism reinvigorates that passion you thought you had lost!

Ignite Client Interest and Engagement

Imagine the thrill of offering a service that captivates both dogs and their owners. Scentwork and life skills training taps into the potential of every dog, fostering a deep bond and transforming challenging behaviours into well-rounded, confident companions. And they will have you to thank for that.

Establish Your Expertise and Credibility

It’s finally time that you are recognised as a true authority in your field. Our program provides you with the knowledge, practical skills, and prestigious certification as a Scentventure Guide Specialist. Elevate your professional credibility and gain the respect of clients, colleagues, and the wider dog training community.

Don't let lack of clients, fierce competition, and dull services hold you back. Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to step into the world of professional canine behaviour and training.

Join our exclusive Canine Behaviour Practitioner and Dog Trainer Program today and become a certified Scentventure Guide Specialist.

Normal pet Professionals vs. Scentventure Guides

Normal Pet Professionals

Offer the same services as everyone else in their area.

Struggle to stand out from the competition.

Feel stuck in their business.

Worry they’re going to lose their passion for working with dogs and people.

Scentventure Guides

Have limitless ideas and things to teach.

Know exactly how to solve their clients’ problems.

Enjoy working on their business because it’s easy.

Have a renewed energy and motivation to make a difference to dogs and their families.

Scentventure Guide Specialist

A 12 month program for professionals who know they are capable of MORE.

You will have

Upon completion you will earn the esteemed certification as a Scentventure Guide Specialist. This will validate your expertise and open doors to a wide range of exciting career opportunities. Beyond certification, our commitment to your ongoing development continues with access to exclusive resources, continued education options, and networking opportunities to ensure you stay at the forefront of the industry.

Stop waiting for clients to find you, take control of your business and LOVE working with dogs again. 

Scentventure Guides get more done, excel in confidence and feel part of something VERY special!

Professionals include




Pet sitters



Vets and vet nurses 

Scentventure is an ethos, a movement. A new way for your clients to live alongside their dog which feels both amazing and new.

You simply can’t get the kind of transformation we create with training techniques alone. Significant results require a significantly different approach, plus a little bit of magic. 

Here’s what we believe in…

On a practical level

Scentventure takes a unique ‘Calm First’ approach to your clients’ dog’s’ behaviour problems with specialist – but simple – techniques to calm the nervous system. Where other trainers will jump ahead and give them loose lead walking exercises, recall drills or ‘socialisation’ advice that patches up the problem in the short term without getting to the root cause, Scentventure focuses on creating a calm dog who can listen and pay attention to you in any situation. 

The best part is that when you take our Calm First approach, all your clients’ problems get easier to tackle – not just the main one! This means you can help them get results in say, loose lead walking and reactivity at the same time.

“She’s started a goddamn movement!”

Dominic Hodgson, Pet Business Inner Circle

Winner of the

Most Innovative Pet Business

Hi, I’m Katie…

I help pet professionals LOVE solving problems for their clients... but that wasn't always my life.

My own rescue dog Lao used to pull, bark, bite and lunge. Not only did I dread taking him for a walk because it was so stressful and I was at the mercy of other people’s judgement, but I constantly felt guilty. I was sad that he missed out on all the fun, adventure and freedom I saw other people enjoying with their dogs.

I was envious. He deserved that too. It was like I was letting him down.

One day, before work, I went to the farmers’ fields and unclipped his lead. He got the scent of something and ran away. I eventually found him by a fence between the farmers’ fields and a dog rehoming centre. The rehoming centre was Dog Trust… where I worked. 

My mind raced with everything that could have gone wrong. He could have attacked a dog, bitten one of my colleagues – I’d lose my job, he could have wandered further out onto the road and got knocked over… and I thought, ‘Maybe I should just take him in there and he can find  a better owner than me because I was clearly failing him.’ 

I listened to the dogs in their kennels howling and crying and realised that wasn’t an option for me… it was my rock bottom moment.

Scentventure was born out of necessity. If I couldn’t give him up, and I couldn’t keep going as things were, I needed to take matters into my own hands. 

I discovered a way to help Lao feel so relaxed on walks that he could walk past other dogs calmly and go off lead on the beach, at the park and in the forest. 

It’s my 14 years of learning and experimentation to refine this process and see what works (and what doesn’t) that I share inside the Scentventure Framework. 

It gave us back our freedom. 

The twice daily dread, the excuses and apologies became a thing of the past and best of all, I no longer felt I was failing him because I knew he was happy and fulfilled. 

Living with the frustration and embarrassment of being solely responsible for a reactive dog was excruciating at the time.

But I’m so glad it happened.

If it didn’t, I wouldn’t have gathered this unstoppable team of amazing dog owners, trainers and behaviourists.

Now we have an international community of Scentventure Guides enjoying easier, more effective client fulfilment. 

The good news is… I’ve done the hard work for you. You just need to trust that nagging feeling inside you that there is more for you, because there IS. 

Say yes to the future you and your business deserve, and I’ll walk with you until you get there. 

Katie Guastapaglia

  • CEO at Scentventure: A Behaviour & Welfare Led Training Company 
  • Creator of the Scentventure Framework: A Training Methodology uniquely for reactive and easily distracted dogs 
  • Founder at Dogwood Adventure Play: private hire Scentventure Parks
  • Award winning Dog Trainer & Business Owner 
  • Consultant For Hire – helping others open Scentventure Parks 
  • Dogs Trust Officer – 10 years experience delivering training, behaviour, enrichment, health & legal advice for hundreds of dog owners every week
  • Developed the successful campaign to parliament for compulsory microchipping

Unrivalled Support

This is a full and complete training programme to become a registered Scentventure Guide Specialist.

It is designed for all pet professionals but is not a Netflix style subscription. You will be required to attend coaching sessions and show commitment to working on your business.

Because of this it is not just a simple click and buy/how much is it question.

You are invited to book an informal call to ensure the programme is RIGHT for you and so we can discuss your goals.

”Becoming a Scentventure Guide was the best thing I’ve ever done. After seeing the results it had for my own reactive dog Alfie when I was a client, I was absolutely thrilled when Katie created the opportunity for us to become Scentventure Guides. It’s not just a dog training programme, it’s a way of life – for me, and for my clients. ”

Justine Watts, Scentventure Guide

You have professional talents you haven't discovered yet. Talents that will make you rise above the competition.

Unleash your potential.

Hit the blue button below, choose a time and date for the call that works for you, and I look forward to speaking to you about your goals!