Sunshine Scentventures Recall

Sunshine Scentventures

Welcome to Dogwood! This August, we’re going on an adventure!

Relay Race Recall

The spirit of the relay race is centred around partnership and teamwork. With the outcome dependent on the collective efforts of all team members, communication, coordination, and synchronisation are crucial…

The same partnership that is essential for you and your dogs to enjoy safe and relaxing walks! 

Club members Christie and Jax needed a new recall technique for when food just wasn’t interesting enough. So we  suggested this fun and effective game that really ups the ante, keeping interest and focus on you in a distracting environment! It’s perfect for dogs who get a thrill from chasing! 


  1. Recall your dog using your normal recall cue
  2. As they come back to you, run away with your hand offered for Reach Out.
  3. When they catch you, wait for the nose touch, reward, scatter a few treats on the ground to snuffle, then run again! 
  4. Alternatively, when they catch you, scatter a few treats on the ground to snuffle, then run again!
  5. They’ll likely follow once they’ve snuffled – keep on repeating the above steps.

When the game is new you may need to use your recall cue again as you run away but, soon enough, you shouldn’t need the cue!

“Classic twists on all the childhood classics. reimagined so your dog can take part too!”

Activity Guides

Here are some more activities you’ll find at Dogwood this summer.


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Unearth the magic of beachcombing, an addictive yet peaceful pursuit that unveils nature’s hidden gems. Explore the shoreline and uncover

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Enchanted Realms

Once upon a time there existed enchanting realms and fantastical lands, where marvellous beasts roamed free and awe-inspiring creatures dwell.

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Just bring treats!

We recommend packing some tasty dog treats for your field trip. Nothing fancy - very small pieces of cheese or hotdog work well. Everything else is provided for you.

Field hire

Book your own adventure this August. Jump into a time machine and set the dial to the future for Adventures in Outer Space, or spin back the clock and enter the Land Before Time. Go beachcombing and play I Spy, look out for enchanted realms and cheer your dog on as they complete the Sports Day obstacle course.

Train at Dogwood

Summer’s in full swing and our in person classes are following suit with some and immersive Sunshine Scentventure strategies to help your nervous, reactive, and high energy dogs calm down, relax and listen to you - while having a lot more fun!

for the full experience

From serious dog training techniques to make your summer outings safer, easier and more enjoyable, to enrichment, crafts and recipes, there’s something for every summer mood. Choose the parts you like best or have a go at everything.

As well as all the usual Club Dogwood benefits including:

Private 1-1 Strategy Session with a trainer, personalised advice and feedback from a team of dog  trainers and behaviourists, live masterclasses and monthly expert guests, PLUS the community for support and accountability, Welcome Pack in the post and special limited edition monthly packs delivered to your door.

Oh, and you can earn the special limited edition Summer Award!


Hubba hubba! Ain’t she a beauty 😍

This badge is from the Four Seasons of Scentventure Awards, but you don’t need to have done the others, each season stands alone.

Club Dogwood members will be working towards their badge in August during the Sunshine Scentventures theme.