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Safe Spaces

Scentventure Compass Point: Partnership

Not every dog needs a safe space. It’s useful for dogs who get worried or over-aroused by visitors or people at the door, dogs who are afraid of noises, or multidog households where one dog may need a break from the other(s).

Set up a designated area for your dog to retreat to when they need some quiet time. Choose a quiet, trigger-free spot in the home away from visitors, children and other pets. Ideally it should be easily accessible so they can enter on their own.

Your dog may have already chosen their own safe space. Perhaps you’ve observed them go under tables, onto the landing, into bedrooms or open crates?

Encourage your dog to use this safe space by building positive, calm associations with it:

  • Give chews and lickimats here
  • Floral waters – find out more here
  • Your scent – e.g. a top you have slept in (worn when you were relaxed, not stressed e.g. work or exercise clothes)
  • Choose one calming playlist – find out more here
  • Set up an Exploration Zone in/around this area

If you would like your dog to go here when the doorbell rings or another arousing sound happens, run to this destination together in your To the Treats! training.