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You’re in!

Thanks for joining Club Dogwood and starting your Scentventure! I’ve seen the positive effects Scentventure has had on my own dogs and those of my clients. Now I’m looking forward to helping your dogs too!

Now that you’re in, here’s what you can expect.

Your Scentventure begins with a three-month orientation programme. This takes place separately to the main membership. The reason for this is that we want to give you our extra special attention in a smaller group to help you get adjusted and so that we can get to know you to ensure we can help you as best we can. We also don’t want to overwhelm you with the full content library straightaway; you will be able to access that in March.

Before the first course begins in February, please read the Speaking Your Dog’s Language course. This will give you the essential foundation knowledge you need for the road ahead. 

Your private Facebook group will open before the first course starts in February. We will send you an email with joining details nearer the time.

February – The Four Compass Points of Scentventure for Fun, Calm and Focus

  • An Introduction to Scentventure where we go into more detail about the Compass Points than we could over the Seven Days of Scentventure challenge. Learn new activities to help your reactive or easily distracted dog. 

March – Partnership Award

  • This is where the Scentventure Guides help you create a personalised training plan to tackle your goals! We will send you a Scentventure Handbook in the post. Earn the Partnership badge! You will also get full access to all past resources in March.

April – Environment Award 

  • The weather will be better and so we will take advantage of our outdoor environment to increase focus, confidence and wellbeing. Oh and there’s a badge for this too! 

May – join the rest of the Club members to start the Scentventure Summer Trilogy!

  • Fun, fun, fun!

It’s definitely worth sticking around for!

Your Scentventure Guide,


PS. Save your login link as a ‘favourite’ on your phone or computer so you can access it easily: 


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