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We want to make Club Dogwood as easy as possible so if you have a question, please check whether we’ve covered it below. If not, drop us an email.

When are payments taken?

Your first payment will be taken straightaway. Your billing cycle begins on the day you first sign up for the subscription. For example, if you first signed up on 7th July, then your next payment would be 7th August. 

Will the cost of my subscription increase?

Never. Your subscription amount will remain unchanged as long as your membership is in good standing. If you cancel you are welcome to rejoin again anytime at the current rate. 

How do I manage or cancel my subscription? 

You can manage your own subscription by logging into your account at any time. From here you can also view all of your past payments, and update the card on file for the next payment. 

Upon cancellation you will lose all benefits. No refunds will be issued. 

What if my payment fails?

When a charge fails the subscription will be cancelled. You can log into your account to update your card details and reactivate your subscription.