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Kit prep

Easter bags

Fifi loves to rip paper to discover treats inside. If your dog isn’t confident about ripping, you’ll need to help them out by opening the parcel for them once they’ve located it. 

Club Dogwood members received some bags to get them started in this month’s pack, but you can also find them on eBay. Envelopes (new or used) also work perfectly.

Easter eggs 

The chocolate variety

The dog-friendly kind of course! Don’t worry if you can’t find them, they’re not essential. 

The homemade variety

Make up a batch of your dog’s favourite homemade treats and roll them into an egg shape with your hands before freezing/baking

Easter egg shells

Plastic eggs designed for children are not suitable for dogs and I do not recommend them. They present a choking or injury hazard

Egg-shaped feeders 

You know what looks a lot like an Easter Egg? A KONG! Same shape, safer material! Works well for the Single Egg Hunt on the next page (unless you’re a KONG hoarder like me, in which case, hide them all!)

JW Ho-lee Egg Roller – I love this as it’s nice and stuff-able!

Clam feeders – ok, these aren’t exactly egg-shaped, but they’re close enough.

Real eggs

Go whole and raw if your dog is confident crushing them, if not, be on hand to step in to crack once your dog locates them. An easier option is boiled eggs – whole or cut into smaller pieces. Choose eggs from organic, free-range healthy chickens.


Rather than allowing your dog constant access to their favourite toy, keep it in a cupboard and save it just for these hunting games.  This will make the challenge even more exciting for them. 

Easter baskets – cardboard boxes can be used instead

Easter bunny basket – in Club packs this month

Easter-themed treats – but any will do!

Easter-themed toy . . .

Or any toy!

Easter paper bags – new or used envelopes work just as well!

Eggs – chocolate or the real deal

Snuffle material. I’ve used straw but scrunched up paper is fine!

Papier-mâché eggs

Filling for snuffle baskets/boxes

Alternatives to eggs – any feeders you already own

Avoid dangerous plastic eggs