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Egg Hunnnnnt!

Everyone loves an Easter Egg Hunt! Your dog will too. 

We have an Easter Egg-stravaganza in store! I’ve hatched a plan to help your dogs egg-cel in the most fun thing to do at this time of the year – Easter Egg Hunts! Everyone can get involved so don’t be a chicken, let’s get cracking! Would you like me to stop now? Don’t you like my egg-cellent jokes? Ok I’ll stop, I’ll stop. 

There are egg-stra (sorry, I have a problem) fun craft projects too.

These games can be played indoors or out depending on the weather. There are so many benefits to sniffing; it lowers heart rate, releases serotonin and can lower anxiety and create calmer behaviour in dogs that have lots of energy – not to mention forging a stronger bond between you. 

In this course we’re looking at two search methods in fine detail so that you can really make the most of your dog’s most amazing sense. We have a Beginners’ Guide to Search Games as well as a progression from that, the Linear Search – so that whether you’re just starting out on your search journey or you and your dog have been searching for a while, you’ll have a plan to follow. 

Search games are so rewarding for our dogs that really we should be providing opportunities for them to use their noses every single day. 

So let’s commence this sensory adventure, focusing on our dogs’ favourite senses – smell and taste.

Download the guide to take with you on the go.