The Secrets to Stress Free Dog Walks Masterclass Series


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This is our fullest and most complete series for stress free dog walks yet – and it’s perfect for first time dog owners and those who have been training a while.

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Beyond the Slow Feeder: A Truly Enriching Enrichment Strategy

Monday 24th April, 6.30pm

It’s a word we hear all the time – but what is enrichment, and what is it not?

Enrichment is so much more than the food puzzles and treat dispensers that have become shorthand for a concept that has so much more to offer our dogs. 

A well-rounded enrichment programme can help to prevent behaviour problems, improve overall health and wellbeing, and strengthen the partnership we have with our dogs.

Emily will encourage us to think more deeply about if and how the experiences we provide our dogs are truly enriching, and how best to approach your dog’s enrichment strategy.

This masterclass is a Club Dogwood and VIPaws Exclusive. Upgrade now for just £10 until 5pm Monday 24th to unlock this class.

No Brainer Techniques for Defeating Distractions

Monday 25th April, 7pm

Defeat distractions and fire up your dog’s focus FAST. 

As well as quick-win practical techniques you can start using right away to bring calm focus to your dog walks, in this class you will learn just the right amount of dog psychology so you can tap into how your dog’s mind works so you know exactly what to do to make them calm down, listen to you and behave in a whole range of different situations.

Plus, at the end I’ll share tips for how to maximise your practical dog training results to ensure you keep making progress and don’t come to a standstill.

This masterclass is free general admission.

The Dangerous Domino Effect: Proactive Approaches to Managing Stress Accumulation & Meltdowns

Wednesday 26th April, 7pm

Have you ever wondered why your dog is sometimes ok with other dogs and sometimes not? Why they sometimes have meltdowns and sometimes they’re fine? Why they lose their mind over something that seems like no big deal?

This class may hold the answers for you.

Do everything you can to show up live to this one as it will seriously help you avoid those big embarrassing meltdowns and unpleasant situations. In fact, what you’ll learn here can transform every area of life with your dog.

This masterclass is free general admission.

The Stress Connection: Exploring the Relationship Between Human & Canine Stress

Thursday 27th April, 6.30pm

Canine stress causes behavioural issues and canine behavioural issues cause human stress and human stress causes canine stress which causes…

Eeeeeek! It’s a vicious circle.

But if humans are calm, dogs are calmer, which means humans are calmer and…

Ahhhh. The circle is no longer vicious; everyone is happier.

By taking care of our own emotional state and prioritising our own mental health, we can improve the wellbeing of our canine companions as well. In this masterclass we’ll explore the fascinating science linking human and canine stress, as well as the practical steps we can take to give our dogs the best chance of staying calm too.

So, take a deep breath, relax, and watch as your furry friend follows suit.

This masterclass is a Club Dogwood Exclusive. 

The Stress Free Dog Walks Treatment Plan

Saturday 29th April, 10am

Warning! This is my in-depth step-by-step Treatment Plan, a full and complete solution to the problems of pulling, barking, lunging and over-excitability on walks.

Yes, there are quick wins; little tweaks to the daily routine, small adjustments you can make straightaway to help your dog feel calm and make your life easier, things that take the pressure off you TODAY while systematically building long lasting results for TOMORROW. 

But I’m giving you EVERYTHING here. This is not just a few more dog training techniques; it’s the whole plan. If you apply this in its entirety, it will not just change your walks but transform your life with your dog.

With so much at stake, you’ll agree it’s worth carving out 90 minutes of your day for a lifetime of calmer canine behaviour?

Don’t forget your notebook.

This masterclass is free general admission.

The next two classes are focused on human stress reduction – because when we’re calm, our dogs are calmer.

Beginning Nature Journaling

Saturday 29th April PM, time TBC

In this online art class you will learn how to start creating illustrations of the items you forage on your scavenges. 

Lucia from Wild Ink will take us on a sketchbook tour of her work (so we can have a nosey at how the pros do it!), a chat about the benefits for our wellbeing and then we get scribbling! 

We’ll do some drawing exercises and techniques which are fun and help to lose the fear of the blank page. This class is perfect for absolute beginners and the ‘totally terrified’ as well as artists of all experience levels.

Materials List:

  • Some cheap copier paper
  • Something to draw with: a Pencil, Biro, Felt tip, Fine liner, Gel pen are all great options
  • Something to draw: If you don’t have time to gather anything, don’t worry! You can use the techniques to draw anything around you but if you want to follow along with what I’m drawing you will need:
  • A mirror 
  • A house plant, or a jar of water with some flowers, or a few picked grasses/weeds/branches/flowers from your wellbeing walks or garden

This masterclass is free general admission.

Be Your Own Massage Therapist from the Comfort of Your Home

Saturday 29th April PM, time TBC

At Nick’s self-massage workshop you will learn techniques to work your own skin and soft tissue to bring you relaxation, stress relief and a greater sense of embodiment, alertness and aliveness. Based on his knowledge of Raynor Naturopathic Massage and Japanese Acupressure, Nick will lead you through safe, effective and fun routines that will rub, roll, drum, tap, stroke, hold and release all parts of the upper body, incorporating breathwork and mindfulness techniques along the way. You will come out feeling calm, revitalised and ready to take on the world!

This masterclass is a Club Dogwood and VIPaws Exclusive. Upgrade now for just £10 until 5pm Monday 24th to unlock this class.

Places are limited so you need to register:

To unlock the full experience for just £10 until 24th April at 5pm, you can upgrade below:


Only £10

No need to upgrade if you already purchased the VIPaw package or you’re a member of Club Dogwood!

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