Spring Scavenge – Welcome!

YES! You're in.

You’re officially a part of our Big Spring Scavenge & Train Challenge! Congrats on taking action and get ready to change your dog’s behaviour. 

At the end of the challenge you’ll walk away with a toolkit of training techniques to calm your reactive or easily distracted dog while working with an awesome team of dog trainers and behaviourists who are dedicated to your success. 

Okay so how do you MAXIMISE your results on this challenge? 

If you didn’t already upgrade to the VIPaw Experience with the special limited edition postal pack & exclusive ‘Canine Enrichment’ live deep dive you can click here and upgrade now!

Now For a Few Next Steps You Should Do Now

We know it will take a couple minutes but it is 100% worth it…

#1 Let me know you got my email

In around 15 minutes you’ll receive an email from me. It sometimes lands in your spam folder, so please move it into your inbox and send me a quick reply saying ‘got it’. Then I’ll know you’re in. This is important because all the crucial information and links for the challenge will come via email. This is a non-negotiable, “must do” step so knock it off your list right now.

#2 Join the private Facebook group

Click here to access our private Facebook Group for the Spring Scavenge & Train challenge. This is where you will find so many golden nuggets and it’s where you’ll be able to get personalised advice about your dog from our team. 

#3 Set reminders on your phone and calendar

Right now, go to your diary or calendar and block out the last weekend of April then sticky note it to your fridge, your desk, your mirrors and anything else you can get your hands on! Okay maybe not… but on a serious note you MUST do whatever it takes to show up to the online events as you will get tonnes more value if you’re there live. You don’t miss a minute!

#4 Tell your friends

We’re seeing SO many people struggling at the moment – with the cost of living crisis, their dog’s behaviour getting worse in winter and people just feeling completely overwhelmed and frazzled.

If you know anyone who is stuck in the daily misery of stressful walks this is probably the best chance they have of changing that. And since the training is free, shouldn’t we work together to help as many people as we can to have a better life for themselves and for their dog when they need it most?

That is how we can make a difference. Together. So spread the word to friends, family, colleagues and any other people in your life who would benefit from sorting out their dog’s stressful behaviour. Let’s not leave anyone behind.

Copy this link https://www.dogwoodadventureplay.com/spring-scavenge then send them it on email, text message or Facebook.

#5 Tell us what you're struggling with

We sat down and asked ourselves “What’s ONE thing that would make this challenge even better for our amazing community?” And we thought, well, why don’t we ask them! We’ve created a really quick 4 answer survey to find out what you’re struggling with most so we can best support you on this challenge. It will only take a minute and helps us provide the most useful training activities for you.

There will be people who transform their dog’s behaviour this April rather than continuing to just ‘hope’ things get better. 

Congratulations – you just made the first step toward being one of them.

Right! I’ll leave you to tick off those 5 things above and I’ll see you in the challenge!

Katie x