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Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn


Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn


Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn

Owners of pulling, barking, lunging dogs!

The fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to enjoy stress free dog walks… without spending a fortune on training.

How was your last dog walk?

Was it relaxing? Was it easy? Was your dog calmly sniffing on a loose lead or exploring off lead, checking in with you, coming back when you called them? Were they listening to you, focusing on you when you needed them to, passing dogs and people calmly and doing what you asked?

Or were they ignoring you? Pulling on the lead? Barking and lunging at other dogs or people? Were they showing you up again? Having meltdowns? Was their energy… just… exhausting?

You're not alone.

We’ve found that the most common reasons why dog owners suffer from stressful walks are:

  1. Not having enough or the right up-to-date knowledge about dogs including underestimating the role that stress and calmness plays in canine behaviour.
  2. Not having practical dog training skills yet.
  3. Misdiagnosis of the problem e.g. mistaking anxiety for excitement, confusion for stubbornness… which means they go off in the wrong direction with their training.
  4. Feeling overwhelmed and under confident – sometimes even paralysed by the masses of information out there.
  5. Feeling disconnected from their dog/not feeling a sense of purpose in the relationship outside of dog walks and fixing problems

The consequences of these mistakes are:

You’re worried...

You’re worried you look like a bad dog owner, scared your dog will cause a scene and dreading the moment they show you up again.

Getting through the walk without a meltdown is the best you can aim for right now, and closing the door when you get home is a relief… until you have to do it all over again.

You feel trapped...

Your dog puts serious limitations on your life, your family’s lives.

And you just think, is this my life now? Will I always feel trapped and miserable for the next what… 5, 10, 15 years? Your dog’s walks get shorter, less exciting, they’re bored, unfulfilled… so you’re constantly riddled with guilt.

Scentventure is an online membership that offers a full and complete solution to the problems of reactivity, overexcitement and aggression.

It all starts with the Roadmap

The Roadmap is an interactive  course that gives owners of reactive & easily distracted dogs the essential tools, guidance and implementation they need to prevent painful pulling on the lead, lunging, manic barking, infuriating recall, and those big embarrassing reactive meltdowns. 

Over 3 carefully crafted modules you’ll learn practical dog training skills to start using straight away on your everyday dog walks AND the absolute crucial knowledge you need for keeping your dog calm anywhere. Our team of friendly, experienced dog trainers and behaviourists will guide you every step of the way. 

The Roadmap combines quick wins with big-picture strategies that make your life easier TODAY while systematically building long lasting results for TOMORROW.

This is how we do it

1. Private 1-1 Strategy Session

You’ll be invited to book a one-to-one private Strategy Session (phone/Zoom/email thread) where we’ll go deep into your goals and what you’re struggling with so you leave with a simple, actionable plan to start transforming your dog’s behaviour. Dare to dream and start looking forward to fun, freedom and adventure. Designed to get you moving FAST! 

AND! If you join before 9pm Monday 1st May, we’re giving you a FREE follow up call. Ask us anything – twice!

2. Proven Path

Perfectly structured modules and lessons with step-by-step guides so you can easily follow along at home and out on your everyday walks.  Take control and follow a clear path forward.

‘’The vast library of courses give you so many techniques to deal with whatever life throws at you, and I can rest easy knowing that they are firmly rooted in latest research, as they quote results from up-to-date studies.’’

-Emma & Harry

3. Ongoing Support

It’s all easily-accessible online, but this is not one of those virtual courses where you’re left to get on with it on your own and your motivation slips away faster than a Spaniel on a rabbit scent. We’re doing the course together, live. You’ll have REAL dog trainers and behaviourists giving you PERSONALISED advice about YOUR dog every step of the way. It’s the next level of support rarely seen in the dog training world.

‘’Access to Scentventure Guides every day of the week means any questions or concerns can be answered very quickly and plans put in place to reach your goals.’’

Danielle & Tillie

4. Live Training

We meet at least twice per month online to dive deeper into the problems and solutions that are unique to reactive and easily distracted dogs and you can ask all your questions live.

‘’The live Zooms with experts help you understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’, and also bring different perspectives to the Club.’’

Emma & Buster

5. Connect the Compass

The dog, the whole dog and everything about the dog. Scentventure is for navigating every area of life with your dog. When you have a connected relationship with your dog, training becomes easier and anything is possible.

‘’It’s not just dog training, although the resources and advice for that are amazing. It’s a framework for your life with your dog, an approach that helps dogs and humans to live happily together and it has enriched my life as well as Bo’s.’’

-Lucy & Bo

6. Community

The most crucial factor in your success will be the people you share it with. We know that it can feel lonely when you’re 100% responsible for a dog with behavioural issues. That’s why we’ve created THE most fun, friendly and supportive private community you could wish to find! You will be part of a smaller intimate group just for people joining the Roadmap before 16th January. 

You’re not doing this on your own any more! Come on in and say hello to your new support network.

‘’I used to feel very isolated and on my own with the issues with my dogs. But now I really feel part of something. It’s a nice feeling to speak to people who are passionate about their dogs as you are but wanting to work to make their relationship and lives better for them and their dogs.’’

-Anna & the gang

You’ll also get instant access to

Solutions & Strategies at your fingertips

Choose from shorter, laser-focused training to quickly use on your own dog that give you quick wins (things that will make your life easier right now) and big-picture strategies that systematically build long lasting results so you know exactly where you’re going at all times.

We know that reactivity and distraction issues are rarely limited to walks. We address ‘the whole dog’, because a dog who is calm, happy and relaxed in the house, at the vets, groomers and in the car is calmer on walks. That’s why as well as the obvious training plans for everything from reactivity to recall, focus to loose lead walking, you’ll also have solutions for separation anxiety, happy vet visits, car travel and more.

The full Masterclass Replay Suite

Watch past masterclasses with Scentventure Guides and Expert Guests on demand. Twice per month we’ll meet live online and hang out with each other face-to-face to dive deeper into a training or behaviour topic unique to reactive or easily distracted dogs. We’ve carefully assembled a cast of expert pros who share how they achieve success in their specialism. Bring all your questions!

Special Limited Edition Packs

In addition to the Welcome Pack we send you when you join, you’ll also receive a themed pack in the post every month. Members say it’s the best mail they get – and their dogs agree!

Join before 9pm Monday 1st May to get these exclusive bonuses






Total value £312.00!

Get it all for just £39.

There’s no minimum commitment so stay as long as you want.

Hi, I’m Katie…

I help the families of reactive and easily distracted dogs LOVE walking their dogs again.

My own reactive rescue dog Lao used to pull, bark, bite and lunge! Not only did I dread taking him for a walk because it was so stressful and I was at the mercy of other people’s judgement. But I constantly felt guilty. It was so sad that he had to miss out on all the fun, adventure and freedom that I saw other people enjoying with their dogs.

Scentventure gave me back my freedom. I founded Club Dogwood, the online home of Scentventure so that everyone can have the same stress free walks that Lao and I enjoyed.

I don’t believe anyone should put up with stressful walks or carry the constant that their dog is unfulfilled and miserable, and so I’m on a mission to have dog owners experience the difference between just trying to get through the next dog walk without a big embarrassing meltdown and actually feeling excited for their next adventure together.

In my 12 year career at Dogs Trust I travelled across London and the North of England providing training, behaviour, enrichment, health and legal advice to hundreds of dog owners every week and developed new campaigns for responsible dog ownership, including the successful campaign to parliament for compulsory microchipping.

Now I serve an international community of dog owners enjoying fun, freedom and adventure all over the world, and thousands more who visit my dog adventure playgrounds, and thousand more that visit the playgrounds I’ve helped set up via my consultancy service.

“She’s started a goddamn movement!”

Dominic Hodgson, Pet Business Inner Circle

Winner of the

Most Innovative Pet Business 2022

In Scentventure we take a 'calm-first' approach to tackling training and behavioural problems.

This means:

Not just the training methods that address the obvious problem (pulling on the lead, reactivity, hyperactivity, etc), but a calm dog who listens to you in every situation.

Not just fixing the obvious problem, but making others less likely to arise.

The moment you have the tools to keep your dog calm, everything else falls into place.

The real breakthrough with my reactive rescue dog Lao happened not with recall training (though we definitely had that) or in the loose lead walking practice (had that too) or even in the ‘socialisation’ sessions.

Momentum was made when I adopted the calm-first approach and we started on the right path. 

The good news is… it’s so easy to get started.

The good news is… it’s so easy to get started.

Take Club Dogwood member Terri…

Try as she might… and she’d tried a lot… she couldn’t get a handle on Bella’s reactivity. Bella is very strong. She’d pulled Terri’s mum Judy over onto the floor lunging at another dog. Terri tried everything.

We implemented the calm-first approach and within 2 months, Bella was ignoring other dogs on walks.

Huge progress from Bella today. I am absolutely over the moon so wanted to share. I don’t think we’ve ever had a walk with so much exploration and calmness before!!

Today she took me on the grass and was sniffing around – she didn’t even notice the 3 different dogs walk down the path!! We then proceeded on our walk passing several more dogs (closer than is usually comfortable) and all we got was a pause as she looked, and then back on with exploring her surroundings! She’s been with me for almost 2.5 years and I’ve seen more progress in her behaviour/reactivity in the past 2 months than I have ever before so thank you Katie for everything you have don’t to make this happen and for helping to make our walks so enjoyable. We cannot wait for next month’s activities!

It’s not just Terri who noticed the results quickly. Not even two days into working with us, Dawn reported that Rosie was chilling on the sofa rather than leaping all over people at the front door. Rosie’s calm confidence on walks began soaring too. Three days in, Dawn said,

I don’t know what is happening but I’m loving it!

Scentventure is empowering an international community of dog owners to enjoy calm canine behaviour and stress free dog walks.

Scentventure gives you a toolkit of skills to take your dog from pulling, lunging and barking to calm, focused and happy.

“You are all amazing! I’ve been meaning to say that the price you charge versus the content and on tap advice is ridiculous when you compare it to the cost of a 1-2-1 session!”

– Sarah &  Willow

This is what our members say…

Training and behaviour problems can get worse if not addressed and they become more time consuming and costly to fix. 

Money isn’t everything of course. There are more important things at stake.

Your dog’s behaviour can drive a wedge between you and your loved ones.

Things continue to get more tense at home. Nobody gets it. And they don’t want to come on walks with you and ‘the dog’ anymore, and if they do, you’re not in-the-moment with them because every last bit of your mental and physical energy goes into preventing your dog’s meltdowns… you’re sending a clear message of how much more important ‘the dog’ is than they are.

The spectre of rehoming looms and the guilt terrifies and paralyses you. The last thing you want is for your dog to be one of the 130,000 to enter a rehoming centre this year, just another statistic. You blame yourself and you worry about your dog constantly. You love your dog but it’s so hard!

You need hope. You know that of course it will take time to retrain your dog, and you made a commitment to them that you wouldn’t give up. But there’s no light at the end of the tunnel — no tunnel at all in fact. You feel lost, scared and stuck.

Stress, overwhelm, worry. The cost to your mental health is the ultimate price you pay.

Your health, your peace of mind, your family… they need you to make a decision.

''A year ago I was spending a lot of time in tears thinking my dream of dog ownership wasn’t panning out how I thought, with a reactive dog who I could barely let out in the garden let alone take out in public. From both of us being a ball of anxiety every time we stepped out, to knowing our limits, how to judge Stan’s comfort levels and how to restore calm if things get overstimulated. Plus knowing we are not alone and even if those unaware dog owners out there don’t get it, our amazing Scentventure friends always have our back!! Thanks to that confidence we now know Stan’s reactivity is mostly triggered by people/dogs walking towards us in narrow spaces, and he can very happily settle in a busy place in the right conditions. AND that in a group with other people and dogs he is much more chilled - even walking off lead for the first time in a non secure place with his friend a few weeks ago!!''
Jenny & Stan
‘’Her recall is better, she’s calmer, she’s more trusting of me and I’m more trusting of her. If she forgets herself, or I slip up, I now have the knowledge and confidence to turn a situation around to keep us both happy and safe. We will be forever grateful.’’
Sue & Lily

”Club Dogwood is absolutely worth the monthly investment! Not only do I have access to the expertise and support of Katie and the Scentventure Guides, which is invaluable in and of itself, but I also have access to a group of people who absolutely understand the challenges Jax and I face and celebrate the wins with us!”

Christie & Jax

There’s nothing to lose (except maybe your stressful walks) and EVERYTHING to gain!

For a small monthly investment, you’ll have the skills, strategy and support to enjoy relaxing walks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The longer you leave it the worse your dog’s behavior can get, and the more time-consuming and costly it will be to fix. Join now and your monthly investment will never increase. And if you don’t love it, just cancel. Any time.

Noooooo! People from all over the world are members of Club Dogwood. We’re an international community of Scentventure superstars applying the training at home and out on our local everyday walks. The beauty of the Club is that it’s not limited to location. 

People of all different skill and experience levels are enjoying results right now. It’s working for complete beginners or those who have been training a while. We’ll diagnose the problem and give you a clear plan that breaks everything down so you can easily follow along at home and out on your everyday walks – even if you’re brand new to dog training.

With face-to-face training you meet at a specific time in a specific place – and sod’s law means your dog is as good as gold when the trainer is there. Or they very quickly learn what to do when the trainer is there but when you try it ‘out in the wild’ it’s like they’ve forgotten their name. Real life problems happen in real life environments at any time of the day, rarely in class at 6pm every Tuesday. In Club Dogwood you work on your dog’s true behaviour. In many ways it’s more real life than face to face training.

Consistency beats lengthy training sessions and research suggests that training 3 times per week is as effective as training every day. We account for that in our methodology. We teach long-term calm, focused behaviour that is foolproof; meaning it becomes automatic, second nature – so you don’t have to think about it constantly. 

You’re not. There’s no minimum term so you can cancel any time, no hard feelings. Our community is like a family, so it only makes sense for people to stay who love Scentventure as much as we do. 

Club Dogwood is so much more than an online course (though there are plenty of those inside). It’s a fully interactive dog training experience with expert trainers and behaviourists to guide you every step of the way. It’s fun, it’s live events, it’s community, it’s belonging. You’re not doing this on your own anymore.

Our four-pawed members include chihuahuas and German Shepherds, spaniels and mastiffs, cockapoos, labradoodles and crossbreeds, and everyone in between. Puppies get off to the best start in life, adult dogs thrive and elderly dogs grow old gracefully. Reactive dogs, anxious dogs, overexcitable dogs, lockdown dogs, rescue dogs – Scentventure is totally inclusive.

Regular check-ins and new themes each month keep things fresh and interesting, plus the accountability you need to stay on track. Members say Club Dogwood is so addictive that they want to check in regularly.

‘’It’s really inexpensive, I love that I don’t have to buy the newest fanciest items, it’s all so practical and can be done anywhere.’’

Ronja & the Tzus

“Joining Club Dogwood should be a requirement of dog ownership… and I’m only half joking!”

Emma & Harry

‘I can’t believe how much we get for the cost.’

-Alison & Jo