Special Limited Edition Challenge Pack Delivered to your Door

This includes the A3 sized Springo wall chart so you can track your challenges, plus a pack of wildflower seeds to sew some gratitude to nature on your adventures.

Most exciting of all – your Spring Scavenge ’23 Award is included in the price! Though of course, you have to earn it. Come on, where would the fun be otherwise?! 

The 2 parts of your pack will be sent separately: the Springo wall chart and seeds will be sent when you place the order, and your badge will be delivered separately once you’ve completed the challenge.

Value: £10

Exclusive ‘Canine Enrichment’ Deep Dive

It’s a word we hear all the time – but what is enrichment, and what is it not?

Enrichment is so much more than the food puzzles and treat dispensers that have become shorthand for a concept that has so much more to offer our dogs.

A well-rounded enrichment programme can help prevent behaviour problems, improve overall health and wellbeing, and strengthen the partnership we have with our dogs.

Scentventure Guide Emily will share ideas that encourage us to think more deeply about if and how the experiences we provide our dogs are truly enriching, and how best to approach your dog’s enrichment strategy.

24th April live on Zoom (don’t worry if you can’t make it live, it will be recorded)

This is not included in the free version of the challenge.

Value: £47

Total value – £57, special Spring Scavenge price just £10!