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Pod Parking Area

Touchdown! Mark your landing place with an X so you know where you parked your pod.

Your i5000 tells you that the selenographic coordinates are S17W03.

‘Inside’ Method


Dog gets inside an obstacle. Start with something with shallow-sides and a non-slippery surface.

Possible obstacles: cardboard box, laundry basket, washing up bowl

How to Train

  • Lure your dog into the obstacle with food. Once four feet are in, use your marker word and reward them with the food from your hand.
  • Once your dog is confidently and smoothly following the lure, remove the food and use just your hand for your dog to follow. Mark and reward.
  • Once your dog is confidently and smoothly following your hand without a lure, add a verbal cue just before you begin. Mark and reward. The verbal cue is ‘Inside’.
  • Once your dog understands the cue and is performing the behaviour, start a short distance away and walk up to the obstacle together.

Only move on when you can get 5/5 confidently and smoothly at each stage.

00K9 Level

The journey takes 3 seconds – yes, Greyhound speed is that fast! Stay inside the pod until you land.