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Fun theme, serious benefits

Learn how to use these skills – and more! – to bring fun, focus and relaxation to your everyday walks too, all inside Club Dogwood. Designed for reactive and easily distracted dogs. 

Dog training,
but fun.


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Being 100% responsible for a dog that pulls on the lead, doesn’t come back when called, barks or lunges at other dogs is really stressful. This might sound familiar…

  • Your dog is too distracted to listen to you, or they just plain ignore you. 
  • It’s like they’re on one end of the lead and you’re holding the other but there’s no connection.
  • You get sick of the same old walks, even dreading taking your dog out, lacking inspiration for what to do to keep them calm.   
  • Everything is so serious all the time – their problems take over your life. 
  • You’re exhausted from being fed up and miserable, always worrying about your dog, doing everything you can to keep them calm and avoid big embarrassing meltdowns.
  • You feel isolated and alone – friends and family don’t understand the burden you carry.

And you just think, when is this going to stop? Will I always be held hostage to my dog’s problems?

Hi, I’m Katie. I help the owners of reactive and easily distracted dogs LOVE walking their dogs again.

I designed Scentventure to help my own reactive rescue dog Lao when there weren’t any suitable classes for him. He used to pull, bark, bite and lunge! Not only did I dread taking him for a walk, but I constantly felt guilty. It was so sad that he had to miss out on all the fun, adventure and freedom that I saw other people enjoying with their dogs. He deserved that too. It was like I was letting him down, failing him.

Scentventure gave us back our freedom. It was only when we started having fun together that Lao’s behaviour improved.

What I’ve learned from working with thousands of reactive and easily distracted dogs and their families over the years is that the things that are often lacking – light-heartedness, adventure, fun – are actually the things that can transform your dog’s behaviour.

Tackling your dog's behavioural problems doesn't have to be hard work.

In fact, you’ll get results by having fun.

Why? Because when you have a connected relationship with your dog, everything is possible. They choose to focus on you instead of the many distractions out there and training them not to pull, bark or lunge becomes so much easier. And even more essentially – it makes you feel better, more confident, more peaceful walking your dog. 

So this summer you’re invited to a fun, non technical, interactive and totally inclusive experience that will help you train, calm and connect with your distracted, reactive dog so you can have better walks and a fulfilling life together.

If you struggle with your dog's behaviour and you want to try something totally new, this is for you. You’re no longer just training or walking your dog – you’re on an adventure together!

Scentventure is a new way to walk your dog! The specialist programme blends training and behaviour improvement techniques with scentwork and adventure – so you can enjoy relaxing, fulfilling walks with your best friend. And it’s totally inclusive – everyone can take part, no matter what their dog’s issues may be. 


Become infinitely better at managing your dog’s behaviour and know what to do when you’re taken by surprise. Finally take control of your dog’s training and behaviour issues by following a proven path.


Stop worrying about other dogs and people when you feel confident that you have all the tools you need to enjoy relaxing walks.


Connect with your dog by having fun together so they choose you over the many distractions out there. Enjoy calmer walks and adventures where you both go home feeling relaxed and fulfilled.

A truly unique and special programme,

designed by a team you can trust.

We’ve helped the families of hundreds of dogs who pull on the lead and have no recall because they’re excited, or dogs who bark, lunge and act aggressively – and we’re known for our safe, supportive and inclusive community. 

Our annual fun summer programme is in its third year now – so we know this works. And this is going to be the biggest year yet. 

We listen to your goals, respect your dog’s individuality, and help you bring to life the relaxing walks you dream of.


An interactive dog training experience with a unique, lighthearted theme. It’s dog training, it’s dog behaviour, it’s enrichment and live events. It’s a totally immersive programme designed to help you train and bond with your stressed and reactive or bored and distracted dog. 


We’ll guide you and your dog on a unique adventure this summer. It’s online in our private community so you can take part anywhere. Join people all over the world who practice at home, in their garden and out on their everyday local walks. 

Tailored support

It’s online but you’re not on your own. You’ll have REAL dog trainers giving you PERSONALISED advice about YOUR dog – plus a community of other dog owners just like you who all ‘get it’.

Getting started is easy.

What they said after last year's summer adventure...

I love how it has helped me relax about the things my dogs find difficult to handle, but also giving me extra tools to help them through tricky situations.”

– Paula & Mila (and Mila’s spotty gang)

Reactive and distracted dogs shouldn’t miss out on all the fun – and you shouldn’t either!

Every summer there's a new unique theme.

This year, it's gigantic.

For your dog

Training activities designed to bring calm and focus to reactive and distracted dogs to make your walks easier. There’s a lot of sniffing involved! Our expert trainers are on hand to answer any questions you have about your dog’s behaviour and give you training advice.

For you

Camaraderie in abundance! Enrichment crafts to make that help your dog relax, mysteries to solve that will have you on the edge of your seat, live masterclasses on training and behaviour topics so you can gain a deeper understanding of your dog’s reactivity or distraction issues.

For the greater good

Every year we choose a good cause from the wider community to celebrate and raise awareness for. You’ll have a team video you can look back on and feel great about. You’re going to love this one!

Have a dog that's calmer and easier to train by having fun and learning new things together, meet like minded people and do some good this summer. You're no longer on your own, feeling like an outsider. Be part of something bigger.


Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn


Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn


Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn


Oops! If you’re already a member you need to sign in. Not a member yet? Jump onboard today to learn


What skills do I need to start?

People of all different skill and experience levels are enjoying results right now. It works for complete beginners or those who have been training a while.

I've tried online courses before and it didn't work

Scentventursaurus is a fully interactive dog training experience. We’re there to guide you every step of the way – and the support from your peers is incomparable.


Dogs of any age benefit from Scentventure, from puppies to elderly dogs and eveyone in between.


As well as instant access to the community and a very warm welcome, you’ll get a Special Limited Edition Pack in the post.


Most of the things you’ll need are everyday items you likely already have in the house – you don’t need to buy anything expensive. Baking and craft supplies are optional. Prepare plenty of yummy dog treats!


No. Scentventursaurus is a one-off payment. Though you are welcome to join Club Dogwood if you wish as Scentventursaurus is included in the monthly membership fee.

More progress in 2 months

''Huge progress from Bella today. I am absolutely over the moon so wanted to share. I don’t think we’ve ever had a walk with so much exploration and calmness before!! Today she took me on the grass and was sniffing around - she didn’t even notice the 3 different dogs walk down the path!! We then proceeded on our walk passing several more dogs (closer than is usually comfortable) and all we got was a pause as she looked, and then back on with exploring her surroundings! She’s been with me for almost 2.5 years and I’ve seen more progress in her behaviour/reactivity in the past 2 months of Club Dogwood than I have ever before so thank you Katie for everything you have done to make this happen and for helping to make our walks so enjoyable. We cannot wait for next month’s activities!''