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Sniff your way to calm, focus & relaxation.

Lost your keys?

Have you ever been running late and couldn’t find your keys? Who hasn’t?! Ever been locked out of the house but you know your keys are in your car somewhere? Keys slipped out of your pocket when you pulled poo bags out on a walk? Yep. Yep. Yep. 

Now imagine if you could just send your dog to find them for you!

Having a dog who is trained to find your keys can be a lifesaver.

If you’re in a rush to leave the house and can’t find your keys, having a dog trained to find them can save you precious time and reduce your stress levels. If you accidentally lock yourself out of your house and don’t have a spare key, a dog trained to find your keys can come to the rescue. In case of emergency, if you need to quickly leave your house and can’t find your keys, a dog trained to find keys can help you to locate them and get out of the house safely.

Besides these practical benefits for us humans, training your dog to find your keys is fun and can strengthen your bond. And as we Scentventurers know, sniffing is an essential part of being a dog. Sniffing is a natural behaviour for dogs and keeps their mind active and engaged.

You’re invited!

You’re invited to enroll in our brand new course, FIND MY KEYS. We’ll guide you through exactly how to train your dog to find your keys. You will start at home before taking your dog’s new sniffing superpowers out on walks for fun, calm and focus.

With so many benefits for both you and your dog, let’s go find your keys!

This is how we do it

Structured lessons

Perfectly structured modules and lessons with step-by-step guides so you can easily follow along at home and out on your everyday walks whether you’re brand new to dog training or have been doing this a while.

‘’I can rest easy knowing that they are firmly rooted in latest research, as they quote results from up-to-date studies.’’

-Emma & Harry

Ongoing Support

It’s all easily-accessible online, but this is not one of those virtual courses where you’re left to get on with it on your own and your motivation slips away faster than a Spaniel on a rabbit scent. You’ll have REAL dog trainers giving you PERSONALISED advice about YOUR dog every step of the way. It’s the next level of support rarely seen online.

‘’Access to Scentventure Guides every day of the week means any questions or concerns can be answered very quickly and plans put in place to reach your goals.’’

Danielle & Tillie


We’ve created THE most fun, friendly and supportive private community you could wish to find! For 30 days you will have access to all the support you need.

You’re not doing this on your own! Come on in and say hello to your fellow key finding enthusiasts.

‘’I used to feel very isolated and on my own with the issues with my dogs. But now I really feel part of something. It’s a nice feeling to speak to people who are passionate about their dogs as you are but wanting to work to make their relationship and lives better for them and their dogs.’’

-Anna & the gang


  • Find My Keys course starting Monday 30th January – yours to keep for life
  • Ongoing support from dog trainers and scentwork instructors for 30 days
  • Access to the friendly, supportive community for 30 days 
  • Welcome Pack in the post
  • Invitations to join our live online classes

Hi, I’m Katie…

I help the families of reactive and easily distracted dogs LOVE walking their dogs again.

When I first started scentwork with Lao it was the closest thing I’ve ever seen to magic. It slowed him down if he was pulling on the lead, it helped him calm down if he was stressed and reactive, it took the edge off his energy in the house and garden. It gave us something fun and positive to do on walks, rather than constantly looking around anxiously.

I'm so excited to share 'Find My Keys' with you!


You probably already know that a dog’s sense of smell is up to 100,000 times more powerful than a human’s? This means that they can detect scents that we can’t even imagine such as a single person in a crowded room, or the presence of diseases just by smelling someone’s breath! Imagine the incredible world they experience through their nose! 

Scentwork, which involves training dogs to locate scent such as toys, missing people or missing items, can reduce behavioural issues by providing a mental and physical workout for the mind, body and nose. The training process improves focus, concentration, and problem-solving skills, which can reduce aggressive or hyperactive behaviours. It’s also the perfect way to boost calm confidence and self-esteem, which is ideal for reactive and anxious dogs. 

Give your dog the opportunity to utilise their sense of smell and see the difference it can make in their behaviour and overall wellbeing.

"A dog's sense of smell is one of the most powerful tools in their behavioral toolbox."

Dr. Stanley Coren

Engage this powerful tool to its full potential for fun, calm & focus.

Once your dog has learned the basics of how to find your keys, you can send them to search increasingly larger areas, providing a great form of physical exercise that doesn't overstimulate them like ball play.

We’re taking you by the hand and guiding you through all of this.

This is what our members say…

“You are all amazing! I’ve been meaning to say that the price you charge versus the content and on tap advice is ridiculous when you compare it to the cost of a 1-2-1 session!”

– Sarah &  Willow

”Not only do I have access to the expertise and support of Katie and the Scentventure Guides, which is invaluable in and of itself, but I also have access to a group of people who absolutely understand the challenges Jax and I face and celebrate the wins with us!”

Christie & Jax

There’s nothing to lose (including your keys) and EVERYTHING to gain!

This scentwork course gives you the skills, strategy and support so that you and your dog will be working together to find your keys.

‘’It’s really inexpensive, I love that I don’t have to buy the newest fanciest items, it’s all so practical and can be done anywhere.’’

Ronja & the Tzus