Fall Fest

For folks who love the scent of freshly sharpened pencils, the sound of crisp leaves crunching underfoot and, of course, the taste of pumpkin spice lattes, hurrah! It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

It is the time that those endless shades of green shift softly into a palette of warm colours. Terracotta, burgundy, purple, golden yellow, bronze. Autumn has a peculiar personality of its own which is powerfully nostalgic. It is a time to get out and enjoy the last rays of sun which can warm your skin, to hear the crisp sound of dried leaves under our feet, to go for a walk on a foggy morning, the smoke of wood fire that drifts to our nostrils. And now of course, FALL FEST!

Fall Fest is a BRAND NEW interactive autumnal experience for dogs and their families taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells of the season.

With fan-favourite activities like Oktoberfest and wellbeing walks with loose lead walking and recall training, and new culinary adventures in the Starpups cafe, Fall Fest unites two and four-legged autumn lovers.

The course is online but you won’t be stuck at a computer! This is about getting OUTDOORS with your dog and enjoying all that this most beautiful season has to offer. It’s a fully interactive experience and you will be invited to join our community with fellow autumn enthusiasts! 

1st - 31st October - take part anywhere


Activities include:

  • Fall Forage – a feel good fall wellbeing walk and treasure hunt
  • Rucksack walk – an enrichment, recall and loose lead walking activity in one
  • Autumn snuffle box – engage your dog’s senses to leave them tired and relaxed
  • Starpups Cafe – recipes for Pupkin Spice and all things nice
  • Oktoberfest for dogs – activities for scentwork and recall practice 
  • Howl-o-ween Party (online) – 29th & 30th October – a weekend of spooky fun with games, training and friendly competitions 
  • Cost Craft Corner – Ahh! Stick the kettle on and get crafty.

Oh! And did I mention there’s a badge?

You can earn this enamel pin badge that looks great on your cosy autumn jumper, scarf, or, in true Club Dogwood members style – on your training treat pouch.

Fall Fest is the second course from the Four Seasons of Scentventure series. When we did Spring Scavenge in April, Club Dogwood members raved about it, many saying it was their favourite activity they’ve done with their dogs yet!

And now they’re excited for Fall Fest to begin…

‘’I can't wait for this, I've been looking forward to it since you gave a sneaky hint to fall fest last year but said you were waiting so you could plan it properly and when you announced the badges I knew this would be one for us! I just love this time of year.’’

‘’I love Autumn and I’m so excited about Fall Fest!’’