Day 3


Scentventure Compass Point: Partnership

A simple strategy for when you need your dog to focus on you and ignore a distraction. The distraction could be a person, another dog, traffic, abandoned chip wrappers or just general excitement or anxiety making them pull on the lead.

Start stationary:

  1. Count ‘one, two, three’ out loud and give a treat on ‘three’.
  2. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
  3. Once your dog starts looking at you on ‘one’, you’re ready to start walking.

 Now add steps:

  1. Take 3 steps, counting out loud as you go. On the third step, give your dog a treat.
  2. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

What’s great is that ‘one’ becomes a predictor of ‘two’ becomes a predictor of ‘three’. Your dog will start anticipating the third step (and the treat) and focus on you from the moment you start counting.

Here’s what to do now:

  1. Watch the video and film yourself having a go with your own dog
  2. Share your videos with the hashtag #day3 #sv24
  3. Set your alarm for 10am for today’s Masterclass

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