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Phew! It may feel like you have a lot to do right now, so the sooner we get started the better. 

  • Make your plan
  • Start preparing
  • And practice, practice, practice 

Remember the key questions from the Introduction:

What does the finished product look like? E.g.:

  • What do you want to do?
  • Where do you want to go?

How can you deconstruct the finished product into smaller elements that you can work on in advance?

  • Identify any new training you need to work on.
  • Practice mini or low intensity versions of the final goal. 

For example: If you’re implementing settle training for a pub lunch, once you’ve trained at home, can you use it whilst you eat a meal in the garden? During a picnic on an ugly walk? How about when some friends join you at home for lunch? Can you stop for a quick coffee in a new location? 

These will be steps towards your final goal and also provide valuable benchmarking to see whether you’re on track to meet your goal within the timeframe available. If you’re on track you can enjoy feeling prepared for that upcoming event. If you find you’re not there yet, that’s okay; you’ll have a good idea of what your dog is ready for and can adjust plans accordingly. 

Use this course as a starting point. As always, you will get the most value from it when you share your goals in the community so the Scentventure Guides can help personalise it to your unique situation.

Let’s get to it!

May your days be warm, your evenings long, and may your summer be filled with Scentventure!