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Christmas Cracker


  • Choose a filling for the cracker – novel scent or food works well!
  • Colour and personalise the template – optional
  • Cut out the cracker along the lines
  • Use a pice of raffia to secure the ends
  • Choose how your dog will enjoy the cracker from one of the Compass Points of Scentventure below.

Your cracker is a great representation of our Partnership compass point. You and your dog can take on the challenge of discovering the content together.

Or, if your dog is confident enough, step back and allow them to choose to Explore the cracker in their own time. Why not enclose some novel scents and tastes for them to explore? Perhaps you’ll decide to place your cracker on a tree outside as a Christmassy version of cheese trees!

To make the cracker extra fun, you could do some Scentwork with it – fill it with some tasty treats and hide it in your house for you dog to find!

However you and your dog choose to enjoy your cracker, as always, it’s all about having fun together!