7 – Next Steps

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Jumpstarter. Continue practicing the activities daily as they will become more effective. 

The Jumpstarter is designed to be used in conjunction with the Stress Free Dog Walks Challenge. Remember that you get to keep all the training from the challenge – even when it disappears for everyone else at the end.

In the Stress Free Dog Walks Challenge, as well as the practical training techniques which you can get started with in just 15 minutes per day and start seeing fast results from, we also teach you just the right amount of dog psychology so you can tap into how your dogs’ mind works so you know exactly what to do to make them calm down, listen to you and behave in a whole range of different situations. 

It’s the difference between giving you a fish and teaching you to fish.

It’s the difference between ‘patching up’ the problem and solving it at the root cause.

That’s how to make your dog calm and happy in any situation.

Traditional dog training just ‘patches up’ the problem – whether that’s reactivity, recall or loose lead walking, etc. The issue is that patching things up doesn’t lead to long term behavioural change and the problem is likely to return… or another one will!

There’s a much better way. Make your dog calm first and everything else becomes easier.

If you have any questions at all about the Jumpstarter, email me at hello@dogwoodadventureplay.com

Speak soon – and happy Scentventuring!

Katie x

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