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Stress Free Walks & an Easy Life with a Well Behaved Dog Who Ignores Distractions and Listens… (Without Spending a Fortune on Behaviourists)


Scentventure for

Stress Free Walks

The easiest proven route for owners of pulling, lunging, barking, high-energy dogs to take back their freedom and LOVE walking their dogs. 

Is This You?

If you’re one of the thousands of people whose life with your dog isn’t working out quite like you’d expected or hoped…

If you dread the chaos and stress of dog walks, constantly on the lookout, scanning for other dogs, people, wildlife, anything that will send your dog into meltdown…

If you’re worried you look like a bad dog owner, out of control, dreading the moment they show you up again, feeling judged by the owners of ‘perfectly behaved dogs’…

Or if you’ve tried and failed before so you’re worried it’s never going to get better, that you’ll always feel trapped and miserable…

The truth is, life is too short for stressful walks, and our dogs’ lives are even shorter still.

So we made this for you.

Join Scentventure to calm, focus and train your challenging dog, with step-by-step coaching from an elite team of Reactive & Distracted Dog Specialists. 

When you have a well behaved dog you’re proud of, you can experience the worry-free, guilt-free walks you see other people enjoying.

What You're Going to Do.

Who Is Scentventure Perfect For ?

We take a unique ‘Calm First’ approach to canine behaviour problems with specialist – but simple – techniques to create calm from the inside out.

Where other trainers will jump ahead and give you loose lead walking drills, recall repetitions or ‘socialisation’ exercises that work during training sessions but not in real life, merely patching up the problem in the short term without getting to the root cause, Scentventure creates a calm dog who can listen and pay attention to you in any situation.

That’s why it works for a range of different dogs:

The best part about making your dog calm first is that all the problems get easier to tackle – not just the main one! This means you can improve, say, loose lead walking and reactivity at the same time (because there’s rarely just one problem). 

You simply can’t get the kind of transformation we create with training techniques alone. Significant results require a significantly different approach, plus a little bit of Scentventure magic.

And you don’t even need training experience. You only need to implement our simple method of creating calm  – and anybody can do that.

With the Calm First approach you’ll experience immediate relief (quick wins that take the pressure off you today) and build long lasting good behaviour for a lifetime.

A Unique Approach
for Unique Results. . .

Adele & Lucky

‘’We had been to many other dog trainers beforehand who all did different things but after seeing the results with Lucky we now can see he needed to relax and be calm first before any training could be done.’’

Rachel & Jasper

‘’I have seen a much calmer Jasper overall by getting the foundations of calm first. It allowed us to make progress in other areas too. A calmer dog helps you get better progress.’’

Lucy & Bo

‘’It’s not just dog training, although the resources and advice for that are amazing. It’s a framework for your life with your dog, an approach that helps dogs and humans to live happily together and it has enriched my life as well as Bo’s.’’

Chris & Ash

“I feel so lucky to have found this program and this community. I didn’t think anything would stop Ash’s lunging and barking, this training has changed the game. Today we walked past a shouting German Shepherd - with total calm and focus!!!”

Claire & Paulo

“Thank god for Scentventure! Paulo has never paid attention on walks and wouldn’t come back if there was anything more interesting - which was literally everything! He pulled on the lead too so walks were just depressing. Thanks to you, we’re about to head off on a walk, with a guarantee of return everytime I whistle. Game changer, everyone wins!”

Collette & Libbylou

All I can say is Scentventure has been our saviour and today truly shows that time, love, patience, sticking the plan and having belief in you and your dog (and we are entirely remote as we are in London) works. Thank you to everyone who has helped us on this journey, today I do not have a reactive dog.

Introducing the
Best-Loved Member Perks.

1-1s: High level support from
a high level team.

Not all dog trainers and behaviourists are created equally, and specialists in reactive, overly excited or easily distracted dogs need a well-stocked toolbox with additional skill sets in advanced behaviour, wellness and wellbeing.

The best in the business are now on YOUR team. You will get a 1-1 with a Behaviourist and 7-day support in the community. When you need a quick answer, we’re waiting to help. 

No other dog training programme provides this caliber of specialist practitioners and 1-1 time at this price point. It’s the next level of support rarely seen in the dog training world.

A Proven Step-by-Step Programme

Customised for You & Your Dog

by Best-in-Industry Practitioners

Masterclass Experts:
Modern Teachings From The Best In The Field.

Join us for twice-monthly engaging Masterclasses, sharing ideas and wisdom to unlock your dog’s potential and inspire you. With so many industry-leading experts showing you how to achieve success in their specialism, retraining a dog has never been more exciting! 

Emma & Buster

‘’The live Zooms with experts help you understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’, and also bring different perspectives to the Club.’’

Scentventure Family Hub:
Welcome Home!

The most crucial factor in your success will be the people you share it with, and this community is one-of-a-kind. You will be part of THE most fun, friendly and supportive family! Scentventurers hang out in the community sharing tips, asking questions and getting feedback. Our trainers and behaviourists share everything we do with our own dogs in behind the scenes detail so you get to see the whole picture. You’re not doing this on your own ever again. 

Anna & the gang

‘’I used to feel very isolated and on my own with the issues with my dogs. But now I really feel part of something. It’s a nice feeling to speak to people who are passionate about their dogs as you are but wanting to work to make their relationship and lives better for them and their dogs.’’

Scentventure Starter Set:
A 'Welcome to the Pack' pack for you and your dog

Look forward to receiving some awesome goodies! 

Heidi & Paddy

‘’When we received our first welcome pack, Paddy and I were so excited to see what was inside! (Paddy was particularly excited for the treats). Receiving the pack also felt comforting. It was comforting to realise that I was part of a supportive community to help me with Paddy’s reactivity! I no longer felt alone. I love the pack because it is so informative and gives you all of the information that you need to start your dog’s training journey!’’

Tail Mail!
Your Monthly Training Pack Delivered To Your Door

Each month we’ll drop you out a special limited edition pack, to keep you challenged, motivated and inspired! Some say it’s the best mail their dog has ever received! Call us old fashioned… but we LOVE receiving post!

Rachael, Sol & Otto

‘’Scentventure envelopes are the best post I receive never mind Sol & Otto!’’

We’re building the world’s most incredible community of dog owners, dog trainers and dog behaviourists, so it makes sense that only the people who love it as much as we do stick around.

That’s why there’s no contract and no minimum membership period. Stay as long as you like – no hard feelings.

So if you’re ready to accept this (frankly) crazy amount of support and follow our simple process, you have nothing to lose… except your stressful walks. Join us and see.

What Members say
about Club Dogwood’s Value

Janet, Nancy & Mirko

‘’There really isn't the words to describe how great the value has been. To me it has been a small price to pay to have Nancy and Mirko fulfilling their potential but being so happy which is important to me. The bond and partnership that the 3 of us have now has grown so strong I could not have imagined it 18 months ago.’’

Sue & Lily

‘’We have found Club Dogwood to be great value for our monthly investment . We have access to a huge and ever growing library of resources. Interesting and informative expert guest zoom presentations. New, innovative themes each month, and access to expert advice, via the app and Facebook page. Most of all, a calmer, happier partnership with Lily = priceless.’’

Emma & Harry

‘’Club Dogwood has been exceptionally good value for us - I can't even describe how much. The incredibly supportive community stops me from feeling alone with Harry's anxieties, the club is always there to pick me up when something hasn't gone to plan and to celebrate all the successes along the way. The vast library of courses give you so many techniques to deal with whatever life throws at you, and I can rest easy knowing that they are firmly rooted in latest research, as they quote results from up-to-date studies.’’

Jenny & Stan

‘’It is amazing value! The community, challenges and personalised advice from the SV guides is worth every penny.’’

Ronja & The Tzus

‘’It’s really inexpensive, I love that I don’t have to buy the newest fanciest items, it’s all so practical and can be done anywhere.’’

Mary & Peppa

‘’Club Dogwood has such supportive members and that adds to the value you get from being a member. I’m very happy with my monthly investment. .’’

Let's get started.

Meet some of the Scentventure Alumni...
Ordinary Dog Owners, Amazing Results

Like Terri & Bella. Try as she might… and she’d tried a lot… Terri couldn’t get a handle on Bella’s reactivity. Bella is very strong. She’d pulled Terri’s mum Judy over onto the floor lunging at another dog. Terri tried everything.

She started Scentventure and within 2 months, Bella was ignoring dogs on walks.

“Huge progress from Bella today. I am absolutely over the moon so wanted to share. I don’t think we’ve ever had a walk with so much exploration and calmness before!!

Today she took me on the grass and was sniffing around – she didn’t even notice the 3 different dogs walk down the path!! We then proceeded on our walk passing several more dogs (closer than is usually comfortable) and all we got was a pause as she looked, and then back on with exploring her surroundings! She’s been with me for almost 2.5 years and I’ve seen more progress in her behaviour/reactivity in the past 2 months than I have ever before so thank you Katie for everything you have done to make this happen and for helping to make our walks so enjoyable. We cannot wait for next month’s activities!”

Emma & Buster

‘’With 1-2-1 training you tend to get to tackle one issue at a time (e.g. loose lead walking, recall, car training etc). Scentventure is a lifestyle approach and all the different bits add up to building a true partnership with your dog that benefits all of the other training goals you might have. The unlimited access to feedback and advice from the Scentventure Guides is far beyond what you get with standard 1-2-1 training and is accessible seven days a week, instead of in a pre-booked slot once or twice a week. It's so much easier to stay on track when you have a whole online community to support you and share your journey with.’’

Join Scentventure and experience the power of a community

that's not just affordable but has the team to

ensure your success.

Ever had a
"fork in the road" moment?

One choice VS another... and your life could look radically different?
You're at one of those forks right now..

Some dog owners try to fix their dog’s behaviour on their own. Truth is, they rarely succeed.

Why? A few reasons.

  1. You’re busy. Life, work, family and stuff comes along and you have to do stuff. Other stuff.
  2. You get stuck. When you try to apply something new you’ll often hit a roadblock, have questions and that causes you to ‘take a break to think about it’… and never come back to it.
  3. Nobody is backing you. You’re on your own. You have no motivation, no accountability.

How would it feel to step out with a dog you can trust, love walking, and include in family plans?

What we’re really offering you here today isn’t just a well behaved dog, but the opportunity to regain your freedom and your peace of mind, while making a huge difference in the lives of your family and your other pets (we know they miss out too living with a challenging dog).

Every moment you put off addressing your dog’s difficult behaviour, you’re missing out on valuable time together. My rescue dog Lao taught me that life is short and our dogs’ lives are shorter still.

Still Got Questions?
No Problem. We Have Answers!

Do the maths with me: it will cost you at least £50/week for an entry-level face to face trainer – not a behaviourist, obviously. Instead of spending £50/week you can spend less than £50… per month. For a team of trainers & behaviourists with collective specialist skill sets. 

Members believe Scentventure is incredible value for money because they get an Elite team of trainers & behaviourists on hand whenever they need them, without the usual behaviourist price tag. We don’t expect you to take our word for it. Read what our members say about Scentventure.

We’re an international community of Scentventure Superstars enjoying fun, freedom and adventure all over the world! Members from the UK, Europe, America, Australia and South Africa apply the training at home and out on their local everyday walks. 

The beauty is that it’s not limited to location and that means that our members are all genuinely here because they want to be – not because they have to settle for limited local options. 

You probably already know that your dog has an incredible sense of smell. And you may have heard people say that scentwork is like a miracle for calming down reactive and easily distracted dogs. 

But did you know that ⅓ of your dog’s brain is dedicated to their sniffing superpower? That’s why sniffing is so relaxing – it uses A LOT of brainpower! 

In Scentventure we hack into this naturally rewarding and relaxing sense a lot. It’s not all about scentwork though – scent is just ONE of the tools from our kit of techniques that bring calm confidence and focus to reactive, anxious and overexcitable, easily distracted dogs to make them walk nicely on the lead, come back when called, walk past other dogs without kicking off and ignore distractions. 

In other words, Scentventure is a full and complete solution to your dream of stress free dog walks.

Everyone wonders this before they join! I started Club Dogwood when my face-to-face classes reached a 7 month waiting list. I knew I could teach Scentventure just as well online… what I didn’t expect was that it would get even BETTER results than face-to-face.

Several reasons – the first, a team of trainers & behaviourists can solve behaviour problems more thoroughly than a solo practitioner; and that means faster and more effectively. We confer and collaborate in order to provide a full and complete solution for each of our unique members.

Face to face training tends to work for a while, while you’re on a programme and you employ new things but eventually dog owners fall back into old patterns. At the end of the day, most dog owners eventually come to the realisation that it’s not just their dog that needs to change, but that they do too. Success in dog training is about your knowledge and understanding, and the most effective, efficient way to achieve that is outside of practical sessions.

If your dog has more than one issue e.g. they’re pulling on the lead and they’re reactive, face to face training gets very costly. In Scentventure we can work on several issues at the same time using the Calm First approach.

You’re not. There’s no minimum term so you can cancel any time, no hard feelings. Our community is like a family, so it only makes sense for people to stay who love Scentventure as much as we do. There’s literally nothing to lose.

Scentventure is so much more than an online programme. It’s a fully interactive dog training experience with expert trainers and behaviourists to guide you every step of the way towards stress free walks. It’s fun, it’s friendship, it’s community, it’s belonging. You’re not doing this on your own anymore.

Honestly, I get it. I used to think Lao was a monster! 

When people first join Scentventure they all think the same: ‘’My dog is really badly behaved! They show me up all the time.’’ 

Or they say – ‘‘Maybe these methods work for Cockapoos – but not Rottweilers!’ and then they come in and see all these lovely Rotties and German Shepherds and dogs of all different breeds thriving. We know it can be hard taking the first step on a new path, but there is so much support waiting for you. 

Short, effective training sessions are all you will find in Scentventure. Research suggests that training 2-3 times per week is as effective as training every day so we account for that too.

We teach long-term calm, behaviour that is foolproof; meaning it becomes automatic and you’ll be doing it automatically without having to think about it. It just becomes second nature.

And because we take the Calm-First approach, you will create a dog who is calmer in ALL areas of life so you will be addressing more than one problem area at once, saving you more precious time.

New members are relieved when they realise that long arduous training sessions are not only not required – but not advised!

Hit the orange button below, enter your details and don’t forget to answer the questions about your dog so we can send their goodies in the post!

“Joining should be a requirement of dog ownership… and I’m only half joking!”

– Emma & Harry

‘I can’t believe how much we get for the cost.’

-Alison & Jo

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