THRIVE is THE destination for dog guardians ready to embark on a community powered journey to elevate and accelerate their results and their confidence.


Being 100% responsible for an amazing, kind-hearted, clever… and sometimes utterly exasperating canine companion takes its toll mentally and physically. 

We know that what we do in Club Dogwood and how we do it works perfectly, we see that everyday in the community, on our calls and in our conversations. Yet sometimes things change. Things happen outside of your control – other people, other dogs, urgent timelines arise so you need a faster result. Health changes which makes behaviour change, lifestyle changes; new jobs, new babies, new dogs, new houses, new routines, upheaval in your life – these things happen and you can lose your confidence, your direction, your motivation.

And so things start to feel like…
And what you need is


You’re ready to throw yourself into something new with energy & dedication to go to the next level of results with your dog’s training, and address your own thought patterns and beliefs in order to change your dog’s behaviour…

I built this for YOU, my friend.

THRIVE is a one of a kind monthly experience that supports your ambition for a life of stress free dog walks where overwhelm and procrastination are things of the past, where your sanity is no longer at the mercy of one bad walk, and a disapproving glance from a stranger doesn’t ruin your entire week.

The accelerated membership space offers you access to…

Guided Progress

Monthly 1-1 Strategy Sessions with your Private Thrive Guide, Emily will give you:

Personalised attention: A regular monthly private space dedicated just to you. Concentrated time with a highly skilled practitioner who can unpack your dog’s behaviour, get to the root of issues and give you clarity on what needs to be done via deeply tailored strategies to address your specific challenges. Personalised planning, advice, support, and guidance that is tailored to your dog’s unique needs.

Accountability to ensure you get it done: Life is hectic and we know how easy it is to let your goals and dreams slide on by when things get busy. Knowing you have regular 1-1s keeps you accountable and motivated to stay on track so you don’t abandon what YOU want most.

Confidentiality: A safe and confidential space to share your thoughts, feelings, and challenges. This can be especially helpful if you’re dealing with sensitive personal issues related to your dog’s behaviour, or you feel shy and vulnerable baring all in a shared space.

Ultimate clarity: Reduce overwhelm with precision prioritisation. It can be challenging to determine which goals to focus on or how to prioritise them. Emily has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter. There’s comfort in releasing responsibility (in one area of your life at least!) and just being told what to do!

Tune Up & Tweak Review

A weekly message thread with Emily to review your personal progress. By having a set check in you will establish a consistent training routine – because consistency is the key to behaviour change. When you know that you’ll be reporting your progress each week, you will be motivated to stay on track and you can course-correct quickly to avoid mistakes or getting stuck. This ensures that you’re using your time and effort efficiently and you won’t have to worry about whether you’re doing things correctly.

What the THRIVE Tribe said they loved most about their first experience with Emily…

Motivation! Feeling energetic, enthused and excited!

Being guided by a knowledgeable, non-judgemental professional who they trust

Lightbulb moments – why their dog really behaves like they do

Shifting training priorities to something that will bring greater results and satisfaction

Clarity and focus – clearing away the overwhelm

And I think my favourite of all… Relief: leaving the thinking and planning to someone else!


Mindscape Optimisation


With your dog’s plan sorted, ensure you give that plan the best possible chance of succeeding. 

I wanted to gift this to you because quite frankly, I don’t think you’ll have even half as much success without it.

YOUR wellbeing, your sense of worth, your confidence, resilience, calmness and BELIEF in what is possible will make or break your dog training results.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Mindscapes – Change the way you think to change the way you feel to change the actions you take to change the results you get with your dog and in other areas of life.

Mindful Movement – When treating your mind, never allow yourself to forget your body.  The worries, stresses and strains of life impact how we feel physically so THRIVE’S movement classes are designed to nurture, soothe and relax the body while calming the mind.

Thrive Talks – Success secrets from the experts! Engaging, life changing masterclasses you wish you’d been given at school. We’ve assembled a cast of seasoned pros to share ideas, wisdom and activities to unlock your potential and inspire you.

Thrive Tribe – A private website community to spark ideas, share experiences and continue our transformations.

Some of our members' personal achievements 5 weeks since joining Thrive -

One member dared to take their dog to a cafe to meet a friend for the first time – something they didn’t think they would ever be brave enough to do. Spoiler alert – dog behaved impeccably! 

Another member was courageous enough to speak up in a situation they would usually stay silent and resentful – and got what they wanted easily as a result (to get home to their dogs instead of staying out longer).

And someone else who used their voice to stand up for their child when a teacher had treated them unfairly. 

Not cleaning the holiday cottage before departure! This THRIVE member always used to leave the places they stayed spotless, but they stepped out of their comfort zone after acknowledging that’s why they pay the cleaning fee! Sounds like a small thing but where in your life do you try to please people you don’t even know, or try to be perfect for no real reason? What kind of unnecessary pressure is that adding to your life?

Getting involved at parties and gatherings, making small talk with greater ease, chatting to strangers – instead of hanging back on the sidelines!

Making time for themselves: cooking, writing, art, investing in a pass to the local nature reserve – things they had wanted to do for a long time that they’ve finally done now they have motivation to make changes in their lives.

One THRIVE member even booked a holiday to New York! They said – ‘’‘get out there’ more action, less talk!’’

Where do you need ‘more action’ and ‘less talk’ in your life? With your dog? With personal goals?

Bonuses on the bonuses

Oh come on, you know us by now – we love a good opportunity to overdeliver!

You’ll also get:

Thriving Together Orientation – 3 small group meets with Katie to settle you in, connect with other members and begin to dig into some juicy discoveries.

Mindset Magic Box – A THRIVE starter kit in the post. What’s inside? It’s a surprise! Don’t worry, you’ll love it.

Meet your THRIVE Guides


1-1 Strategist


Mind & Body Optimisation






EVERYTHING from Club Dogwood is included in your THRIVE membership fee – the home study modules, expert guests and community – everything. And just like the Club, there’s no minimum commitment in THRIVE so you can drop back down into your current Club Dogwood membership any time. 

‘’THRIVE could easily have been the 1-1 Strategy Sessions alone - but I KNOW Mindscapes is going to bring the biggest changes. For many of you I imagine it will be ‘the thing you didn’t know you needed until you got it’ and I can’t wait to see how it changes your life.’’


you might be wondering about...

When you level up to THRIVE, your payment will be prorated meaning any days you’ve already paid for in Club Dogwood will count toward your first THRIVE payment. 

EVERYTHING from Club Dogwood is included in your THRIVE membership fee – the home study modules, expert guests and community – everything. 

You’re not. There’s no minimum commitment in THRIVE so you can drop back down into your current Club Dogwood membership any time. 

Club Dogwood is a complete lifestyle approach to training and behaviour. Our friendly, warm, generous and supportive family community will always remain the same.

But you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want MORE out of your life – more peace, more certainty, more progress. THRIVE is about acceleration and elevation. It blends 1-1 dedication with self-care excellence to exceed the dog training results you’ve had so far, superpower your confidence and reduce stress.

In other words, THRIVE complements Club Dogwood perfectly.

Only one question remains…

Are YOU in?